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Tips For Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay
Tips For Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay
Compare and Contrast essay- Guidelines

An outline for a compare and contrast essay is as given below:


Like any other this essay should also give a brief introduction to the topic , giving all the important definitions and terms to be used later. To make the starting interesting, one should begin with an anecdote, a question or a quotation. Define and present the two topics (A and B) to be compared and contrasted later in the body.


Topic A – The first few paragraphs will discuss the topic A. The second topic or topic B must not be mentioned here.

Topic B – This section which will again comprise of many paragraphs will discuss in detail the second or topic B. One may refer to topic A, but only in brief, as that topic has already been dealt with in the earlier paragraphs. The purpose of this section is to give the details of the second topic or topic B, only.

After discussing both the topics well in the previous paragraphs, analyse the topic and start to compare and contrast them for the next few paragraphs.


This should give a brief summary of the essay written and be written in such a manner that it proves the great in-depth knowledge of the writer, on the subject. The writer should give a firm conclusion and reaffirm the thesis statement.

Example of a contrast and compare essay (Theism and Existentialism)


It is popularly believed that Theism and Existentialism are dichotomous in their views. Theism, the old world philosophy derived from the Greco-Roman classical view of the world and Existentialism, the dynamic, arrogantly challenging view of early twentieth century indeed seem to be at the two ends of any philosophical arguments. It is, however, interesting to analyze these two in contrast ….


It will start the discussion with Christian theism:

Christian Theism is the classical Christian philosophy of 17th century. The word “theism” is derived from the Greek word “theos” which means God. The word was first used in this context by Mr. Ralph Cudworth in the 17th Century. Literally speaking, Christian Theism …(theism will be discussed in detail over the next few paragraphs)

This philosophy throws up some interesting thinking and concepts. This inherently assumes that the world is logical and has a co-relation between cause and effect. …(still discussing theism)

Theism also defines human beings as created like god and in status, they are little below god. Hence often, a human being is chosen as the mouthpiece of god, the son of god, the messiah ….

Now the discussion on Topic B or existentialism will begin and will carry on for the next few paragraphs:

The Existential philosophy emphasizes the isolation of the individual experience in an indifferent (absurd) universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses ….

The Atheistic Existentialism has dominated the greater part of 20th century and influenced great 20th century philosophers like Sartre and Camus. It is more an intellectual theorization than a philosophy. This form of existentialism propounds that …

The Theistic Existentialism is in many ways similar to the Atheistic existentialism except that it does not reject God. The essential philosophy is the world being perceived as absurd and ….

Once the discussion between the two are over start the analysis and the compare and contrast section:

A comparison between Atheistic existentialism and Christian Theism is not relevant as there is little or similarity between two schools of thought. The starting point of their differences is from ….


So we can see though theism and existentialism are two different lines of thoughts, views and opinions they consist of the same root , that is, both are in search of god, each in their own different way. Proponents of each side have …

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