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Food Essay for the Food Lovers
Food Essay for the Food Lovers
Tips on Writing a Food Essay

Food essay. Sounds interesting, especially if cooking, eating and finding out new recipes are your favorite hobbies. It is also refreshing to write about something that does not talk of the writer’s personal life, or does not involve giving opinions and framing arguments, while logically defending them. Thus, this is an easy essay and generally does not involve much exploration or research work to be done.

Food essays can be written in many ways. One can write about some food that he has particularly liked. Here he can describe the food in details, by writing what he liked most about the food, how the food was served and if possible, the recipe too. For a food essay one can also write about some exotic food that he may have tasted sometime. One may also write about food history in general, or may discuss the culinary traditions of the various cultures that are seen around us. One may also take up a particular food from any region or religion, and discuss its traditional aspects and the cultural impact it may have on that particular locality. A food essay may also consist of writing and describing the recipe of some well known food item and discussing in detail, as to how cook it. Food science and technology, a modern day popular subject, may ask a student to write about food canning and food preservation, or any other health related topic. Given below is an example of food health related essay.

The question asked is, “Discuss how you would deal with the health risks that are posed by the modern day food additives or preservatives?”


Food additives are chemicals or natural ingredients added to preserve food for a long time. This method delays the process of food spoilage by destroying and preventing the growth of micro organisms, fungi and bacteria. They often enhance the food flavor and also slow down the natural aging and discoloration of the preserved food thus retaining……


The best way to deal with health risks related to food preservatives is be aware as a buyer and avoid foods that contain them, as much possible. As Zand, Spreen and LaValle very aptly summarize “your shopping habits have an important and powerful influence on your diet. After all, you will eat whatever you stock in your refrigerator and cupboards” (Zand, Spreen and La Valle, p. 50)……..


…….Cabbages and lettuces are to be eaten after removing the outer leaves as they contain more percentage of harmful ingredients. This way though we cannot completely remove the ill effects of additives and preservatives, we can at least diminish them to lead a healthier life.

To write a great essay on food you need not be the best writer on this earth. You just need to have a great passion for food and a zeal to explore the various subjects related to this theme. Food and food science being a popular subject you will find many essay examples that will help you to write a good food essay. You can also place an order at MasterPapers.com and get a premium level essay written in no time.

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