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Animal farm Essay An Allegory that Pictures Dystopia
Animal farm Essay  An Allegory that Pictures Dystopia
Animal Farm Essay Guidelines in Writing the Essay

Animal farm essay is a topic that is quite a regular assignment for students of the high school and under grad level. This novel by George Orwell is an allegory that represents dystopia. Orwell who disliked Stalin, said that his book was centered around a character similar to that of this communist leader. This book indeed describes the conditions in Russia during the Stalin era, just prior to the World War II. This novel explores the corruption amongst the highly placed leaders, and how the chances of forming an utopia is destroyed by their negative characteristics like greed, ignorance, indifference, wickedness and shortsightedness. According to Orwell the failure lies not in the revolution, but in the hands of these corrupt leaders.

An Animal farm essay can be written in many different ways. It can be written in a way where the writer explores all the different characteristics of the various animals present in the farm, the living conditions, the feeding habits and also the conditions of those who work and live in the farm. Since this animal farm is also an indirect reference to humans living under similar miserable conditions, one can also write this essay based on the thinly veiled allegory. A critical essay on the entire novel is also another way of writing, where the writer will have to do a critical analysis. The book is full of symbolisms and underhand meanings. One can explore all these symbolisms and references while doing the critical analysis, making it an interesting write up. Another theme from this book that is very interesting to develop as an essay, is that how even the best of all intentions can be corrupted and destroyed. This book tells us about the animals that live on the farm and how badly they are treated by their owners . This is an allegoric representation of the communist take over of Russia during their 1910′s and their rule till the 1940′s. It is in fact a very good representation of all good ideals gone wrong.

Like any other essay an animal farm essay will also have the mandatory five paragraphs. The introductory para will introduce the topic and present all the important terms and definitions and explain them, briefly. The body part which consists of generally three paragraphs will discuss the theme in details. The concluding paragraph will summarize the entire essay, ending with a strong concluding statement.

An animal farm essay with its animalism and allegoric representation of the the Soviet communism may not always be easy to write. It requires a good understanding of the novel to do a critical analysis and decipher all the underlying meanings attached to the entire set up. There will be available many essay helps and other example essays written on this theme, it being a very popular assignment. Go through them to understand how to write a good essay on this topic. If you feel that you still need need professional help, then MasterPapers.com is there to help you write your essay.

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