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Terrorism Essay Deal With this Issue in a Mature Manner and With an Open Mind
Terrorism Essay  Deal With this Issue in a Mature Manner and With an Open Mind
Terrorism Essay Guidelines

During the renaissance period, Niccolo Machiavelli had once famously advised the ruling monarchs or leaders to act ruthlessly so that they are able to safeguard their own interests. This in modern day time forms the basis for all kinds of terrorism that we see around us. Terrorism is seen in the violent and brutal actions taken a certain group of people with the purpose of gaining ploitical mileage or religious supremacy. The basic aim of terrorism is to create an aura of fear and despair in the minds of the common people. Once the common man has been subdued by acts of terror it becomes easy for that particular terrorist group to take control over their lives. A terrorism essay will discuss these acts of terror and will take up the reason behind these acts and the effect these acts had on the lives of the common man.

Terrorism may be employed by any organization out to gain supremacy and unchallenged power. It may be used by a political party. It may be used by the police or armed forces under the ruling party or government to cruelly subjugate all opponents and subdue all revolts. It may be tactics used by the ethnic minority and nationalists to fight for their rights.

Throughout the history we see acts of terrorism used by various people from time to time to leash a reign of terror. During the French revolution it were leaders like Robespierre who ordered the mass murder of the French ruling family and other aristocrats. During Spanish inquisition it was terrorism under the garb of religion. During the American civil war it was the Ku Klux Klan who unleashed a reign of terror over the Afro-American population and its sympathizers. However, in recent times the largest problem which has reached epic proportions is that of the terror act unleashed by the radical form of Islam. This terrorism has spread worldwide and senselessly taken away many innocent civilian lives. The 11 September 2001 tragedy and the more recent 26th November 2008 Mumbai attack bears a testimony to the ruthlessness and viciousness of the terrorists whose only aim is to kill and be killed.

A terrorism essay will be dealing with these terror acts. Whatever form of terrorism is chosen as a topic for the essay writing, one will have to do a lot of groundwork on it. One will have to find out the causes that lead to such violent acts. Begin the essay with a definition of the word terrorism and give some famous quotes by some leading figures who have propounded terrorism. Form a thesis statement and them move on to describing the background behind terrorism and the topic chosen. Give relevant and interesting information and present the terrible and violent acts. Since terrorism in no way can be justified or condoned, one must present these chilling facts and figures so that people in no way will sympathize terrorists for such acts.

Writing a terrorism essay is a sensitive issue and has to be handled in a mature way with an open and unbiased mind. Senselessly killing common people for whatever cause and however important the cause may be can in no way be justified. There are many essay samples and online essays. Browse through them to get an idea on how to write on this complex topic. If you feel that you need help, then come to us

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