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Cancer Research Paper for the Students of the Life Science Branch
Cancer Research Paper for the Students of the Life Science Branch
Cancer Research Paper – Guidelines

Cancer research paper is a type of research paper writing that is very common to students who have life sciences in their study course. This field has a lot of ready material to explore and research and is a very interesting theme or topic to write a paper on. In fact there will so much information to start on that one will have sit down and analyse each collected data very carefully and keep only the important and relevant ones. The essay should introduce the topic with a definition and explanation of the term cancer with the help of medical textbooks, journals and other reliable sources. Then there should be a detailed discussion on the different types of cancer leading to the early signs and symptoms of the disease finally ending with the various available treatments . Various sources can be used to collect data like the Internet, medical journals, newspaper articles on cancer, previous research documents etc. The paper like any other research paper will consist of research paper cover page, research paper abstract, an introductory paragraph which will give the purpose or aim of the research paper and will create a thesis statement. The main body will give the methodology or the research process in detail. Various data, facts and figures will have to be presented. Interviews , if any, with the doctors, specialists, nurses and patients will have to be given here. Personal experiences with a family member can also be written here in the main body. The paper will necessarily be scientifically based and all arguments or speculation if any, will have to be backed by strong evidences. The concluding part of the essay should give the results of the all exploration and investigation that the writer does in a very brief manner. The purpose or aim set at the introduction will have to be evaluated and checked whether the research work ultimately achieved that purpose or not. The essay as a whole should follow the specified correct format and be well structured and well documented with proper references and citations to avoid charges of plagiarism.

Since a cancer research paper is a science paper one will have to present facts and figures very carefully, well supported by strong and logical evidences. It will require a lot of referencing work owing to direct citations from researchers’ works and papers. A lot of care needs to be taken to give the correct pattern of citations and references. One can go through various sample of references to get a correct idea of how to cite a paper.

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