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Chicago Style Paper – How To Give References In A Chicago Style Paper
Chicago Style Paper – How To Give References In A Chicago Style Paper
Chicago Style Paper – Know The Correct Format

Chicago style, also known as the Turabian style, is widely used in documenting social science, history and political science papers. Here we will discuss the main citation characteristics of the Chicago style: in-line citation, footnotes, endnotes or content notes as well as bibliography. This hopefully will help students to make writing of the Chicago style paper a little more easier.

In the Chicago format there are two types. One which is followed for history and humanities is the old style and is known as “notes and bibliography”. In this case the bibliography is given along with the notes and maybe as part of the essay or at the end of the article in a group form. The first line of each note is indented two spaces. At the end of the essay there is another bibliography which contains the name of each work cited and also works which were used as references but not cited. The new one is known as the “author date” style and is used mainly in science. Here the in-text citation contains the name of the author and the date of publishing and at the end the bibliography gives the details as in the older format.

Chicago style of writing is a useful format for providing details about a source or reference. In history and social science papers the reference or source is extremely important. For example, when reading about events in the American Civil War, the writer would want to know whether a quotation in the article that he or she is reading comes from a government review of that time or from a newspaper of that time. Since other citation formats like APA or MLA give the name of the author and a short title only, in case of historical studies like the one given above it is much more important to know the source of the information along with the name of the author, so a Chicago-style referencing is much preferred. The footnotes and content notes that are seen in the Chicago style allow the author to give the details of the source and provide extra information.

In-text citation: When the paper needs to be written in a Chicago style it primarily refers to the footnotes. When the paper does not have many references it is far easier to present the information in the form of in-text citation especially if the paper consists of less than ten pages. In-text citation consists of the author’s last name, the date, and the page number within parentheses. One important thing to note is that there is no comma between the name and the date.

Footnotes and content or end notes: They have the same citation guidelines. They are presented in the text by a superscript number eg. (: 1). Footnotes are written at the bottom of a page in 10-point font which is smaller than the main text (12 points). Endpoints are written at the end of a chapter or at the end of the essay in same size font as the main text. They will include the superscript number given with the in-text citation. Full citation is to be given for first-time referencing and later when the source is repeated abbreviated citations are to be used. The first line of all footnotes and content notes are to be indented, single spaced with an extra space between the references.

Bibliography: The reference or bibliography section has the same information as the footnote. All the references in a Chicago style paper are listed in alphabetical order by the writer’s last name and all subsequent lines are indented. Although as mentioned above bibliography contains the same information as that of footnotes. it is absolutely necessary to give it, unless otherwise specified.

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