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Smoking Essay
Smoking Essay Brilliant ideas for A+ smoking essays
Smoking is one of the bad behaviors of society. It seems to be a problem of huge proportions. People all over the world smoke. High incidence of cancer deceases, heart deceases and other problems is the order of the day. People seem to be indifferent to the terrible consequences to which smoking virtually leads. Widespread condemnation, official bans and other measures do not influence people to quit this bad habit. There are millions of smokers in the country and all over the world. Due to the fact that this is first ecological problem and second health one people try to eliminate number of smokers and to fight this problems. Smoking essay should highlight the reasons which make people smoke, the factors because of which it is difficult to quit smoking and why people simply do not want to stop smoking
Everyone knows how bad the habit actually is and what a great harm it does to the body and health. Newspapers, TV, magazines are filled to capacity with anti-nicotine advertisements. The crowds throng the streets to promote clean ecology and to motivate people not to smoke. Multiple organizations try to rise the awareness of teenagers and adults. Government rises prices on cigarettes. Still there are many smokers and number of them does not goes down. All these campaigns are moving in wrong direction. They try to show why smoking is bad and harmful. However, it works in inverse proportion. Many people know that fast food is harmful for health but they still continue eating till find substitution for this type of food. The same is with smoking. It is better to focus on the benefits of smoking and to find how to convince people to use something else or to refuse from smoking at all.
Benefits of smoking
Nicotine helps to relieve stress. It not only helps to calm down but also to think and to relax. Smokers to the lesser extend suffer from stress in comparison with non smokers. It creates their inner comfort and is the main reason why people do not want to refuse from this habit.
Smoking helps to train great breathing. It is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from panic attacks and stress problems. It is interesting to get to know that doctors even recommend their clients to practice the type of breathing smokers do.
Smoking breaks help people to relax and to have some type of rest. It is especially helpful for people who do stressful jobs. Person has few minutes to unwind and to think of something positive and good.
There are many other aspects which can be included in the essay. Smoking essays should include the most interesting and the most important facts. There are too many of the details which need to be analyzed in a good smoking essay. Essay writers should be concentrated and devote much time to the writing process in the first place. Buy essay papers from our website. We can write not only smoking essays but also entrance essay and any other one.
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