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Tok Essay
Tok Essay
Professional consult on how to write excellent tok essays
Tok EssayTheory of Knoweldge essay or tok essay is a piece of writing which requires highlighting one of the key spheres of human knowledge. It deals with many issues which are important for understanding human history, existence and way of thinking. Usually it poses questions which have no answers. However, it does not make the questions less important. The task of students who write tok essays is not to give answer to the question but to shed light on it.

Academic essay writing and in particular tok essay writing sets the same strict requirements for the essay structure and content. However, tok essays should be written:
- clearly,
- explaining the problem and its importance,
- comparing and contrasting arguments for and against,
- including vivid examples,
- evaluating proving evidences,
- investigating possible results,
- connecting the ideas,
- exploring hidden assumptions

What is more, essay is considered to be a personal piece of writing and it means that you should make personal contribution into uncovering the question. Lecturers and professors do not need to read information from other sources. They know it very well. Sheer rewriting and collecting various points of view is not tolerated. The tok essay requires deep thought about things. Remember it is your try to shed light on the question.

Before you start writing keep in mind key factors which differentiate tok essays from other types of essays (custom written essays, etc.):
1. Tok essay deals with knowledge questions

Its main concern is to show strong and weak points of the allegations in different fields of knowledge.
2. Tok essay is not interested in first-order questions

The essay task is to write about influence and meaning of the subject. There is no need to reveal the subject itself.
3. Tok essay is not related to one specific discipline and uses comparison techniques

This type of essay can not be limited to one specific field. It is interdisciplinary. That is why, the writer needs serious background in various spheres of study.

Before writing ask good essay questions which will help you to define what is so interesting about the topic and how you should reveal it. It is forbidden to read any books before you come up with your own unique ideas. Personal thought is a key element of every essay and the evaluators will look for good representation of your thought and ideas.

There are few issues which you should take into consideration which help to reveal your personal thought:
* your point of view
* issues you debate
* organizational structure of the issues and views
* comparison
* your examples
* your decisions on language choice
* your expertise in bias

If it seems to be too complicated to complete the task or if you think that tok essay should be written by professionals, you can contact our team and take a burden of writing from your back. We are looking forward to your questions, if any.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers