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Personality Essay
Personality Essay
Each one of us has his own personality and character. This aspect is what makes us unique in our own ways. What if you are required to write a personality essay, how will you compose it?

A personality essay is a project that you can write by using another personís personality. It can be something like an observation essay because you will talk about the character of another person. You can only do this if you will try to observe his way of life. However, there are also some instances when you can write a personality essay about yourself. Yes, you may be included as a subject for such an essay. This is a great thing because you can simply write about yourself and present your personality to the readers.

In writing a personality essay about another person, there are certain things that you need to integrate into your discussion. These are all important factors that you must include. What are they? You can talk about the personís lifestyle in general. What is his social status? If you can define his personality according to the way he lives his life, then it should be a good thing. This will lessen the need for you to conduct research.

You can also write a personality essay that will deal with the way the person interacts with other people. This is like analyzing the communication skills and interaction behavior of a person. It can be a demanding task for you since you need to observe the communication patter of the person. However, it is also a good thing that you know the person in reference to make your life easier.

A personality essay can also mean writing about the personís achievements in life. You can research on his past work or education. How about writing his accomplishments in public service? For sure, you can find details about them if you will use a person reference that is popular and famous.

Lastly, you can write a personality essay about the personís other credentials in life. For example, you can compose an essay with the characterís way of dealing with business or resolving conflicts. Apart from that, you can also discuss his skills in doing something or managing things according to his will and plan.

Are there any criterions in choosing the person for analysis? If you are not going to discuss about your personality, then we suggest that you use a topic of person who is popular, a celebrity, a politicians or someone who has contributed to the development of our society. This way, you essay will become a significant source of info about the person.

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