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AS Chemistry Courseworks: A Quick Guide for You
AS Chemistry Courseworks: A Quick Guide for You
No matter how panic-stricken, nervous, or depressed you are at the moment, you have nothing to do but chill out and get down to writing your AS Chemistry coursework.

Our quick guide to writing AS Chemistry courseworks will be a good starting point.

Things to keep in mind before you start working on AS Chemistry courseworks

* Do not write your AS Chemistry coursework until you make an outline. It especially refers to students who are not confident in their skills and knowledge.
* Do not try to impress a teacher with complicated terminology. On the contrary, you are supposed to write everything as you understand it, on your “scientific level”.
* Some part of your AS Chemistry coursework will be devoted to theory. Do not hesitate to use additional resources, but start with your textbooks and class notes.
* Experiments are the key point of AS Chemistry courseworks. Make sure you have time to make experiments at least two times. Thus, the results will be more accurate and easier for you to explain in the Analysis and Evaluation sections of your AS Chemistry coursework.

Sections of AS Chemistry courseworks

By the way, let us check whether you remember what elements your AS Chemistry coursework should include. Correct organization will also play an important role in the final mark you will be given.
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