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Creating an A+ Boy Essay: Catchy Ideas to Consider
Creating an A+ Boy Essay: Catchy Ideas to Consider
Every time you get a task to write an essay, you start thinking over the strategies of how to impress your tutor. Do you know what the most effective strategy to achieve this effect is? Actually, if you choose an interesting idea and develop it logically, you have all chances to win the reader.

If this time you have to write a boy essay, this article is what you need. Catchy ideas for consideration in a boy essay are presented here.

Devote your boy essay to one of the works of literature

Lots of novels, poems, and plays were devoted to boys. If you decide to choose this idea for writing your boy essay, you will have to give a brief overview of these works. In this case, books by Myriam Miedzian (“?Boys Will Be Boys?”), William Blake (“The Little Black Boy”), and John Okada (“No-no Boy”) can be your main subject of discussion. Let us dwell upon each of them:

* Myriam Miedzian “?Boys Will Be Boys?”

In your essay on boys, discuss why boys in contemporary American society turn to violence so often. What is the author’s opinion about this issue?
* William Blake “The Little Black Boy”

When analyzing this poem in your boy essay, try to explain why the main character wants to be like a little white English boy.
* John Okada “No-no Boy”

In your boy essay, discuss how the main character, a Japanese-American, chose not to be manipulated by the Americans. Explain why.

Discuss the movie “About a Boy” in your essay

If you have seen the movie starring Hugh Grant called “About a Boy”, you have a brilliant opportunity to express your opinion about it in your boy essay. Discuss how the main character managed to become a “good boy” and leave the world of “bad boys”. This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers