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Essays on Spring Break
Essays on Spring Break

Okay, I know that the topic is stupid and banal and has been discussed at least a hundred thousand times. An essay about spring break… can you add something to it, seriously? Can you be a rebel and rise against it? Or can you brainstorm yourself for something if not new then at least funny enough to make your essay about spring break amusing.

There are plenty of ways to make essays on spring break anti-banal. First and most valuable advice is – do not actually talk about what you did on a spring break. And if you are going to, do not make your essays on spring break look like a diary. Nobody really cares what you did on Monday, and what you wore on Tuesday. So, if we are making essays on spring break interesting to read, we:

1. Choose the right angle to the story. Even an ordinary day can sound like a whole lot of fun and great experience if you know how to tell about it. Out of the top of my head – tell how you spend the entire day with only five dollars in the pocket.
2. Choose the right title. An essay about a spring break with the title “My Spring Break” is ha-ha not funny at all. At the same time, something philosophical will not do either, so do not search through encyclopedias.
3. With all this buzz about being original in essays on spring break, try to keep in mind that originality will not hide mistakes both in structure and in the text. This is why originality counts but only if backed up with a flawless text written according to the rules and requirements stated both by your teacher and the genre.
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