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“All about Me” Essays: What about You?
It looks like you are stuck with your “All about Me” essay. Well, it is pretty normal, because you know so many details about yourself and your life. There are so many events, people around you. Even if you are quite young, there are still hundreds of things to tell about in essays “About Me”.
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Essays on Leaders: So Many Famous People to Talk about
We are almost 100% sure what problem you face at the moment. Your teacher asked you to write an essay on leaders, which is a general task. And now, you are trying to figure out how to narrow down the focus.
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Essays on “The Waste Land”: A Poem that Caused a Sensation
The famous poem “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot was published in 1922 and immediately caused a sensation. In a few words, Eliot described his vision of the modern life in the poem. Why was this poem sensational? How did T.S. Eliot manage to do that? You will understand everything after reading the poem.
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Literary Analysis Essays: Reading not for Entertainment
Do you like reading? Most probably, you do. At least, you have a favorite book or a favorite writer. The great majority of people like reading, because it is entertaining and a good way to spend free time.
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Nursing Scholarship Essays: A Brilliant Opportunity for You!
Do you want to become a nursing student but think it is fairly possible? Well, you are wrong! We agree that the competition within this field is really tough and studies are expensive. However, these days, students have a lot of opportunities to study. Various grants and scholarship programs make it possible!
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Essays on Animal Experimentation: If You Do not Want to Talk about Controversies
Students have to prepare controversial issues essays quite often. This time, you also have to write an essay like that, because animal experimentation is an issue that provokes a lot of debates.

On the one hand, animal testing is considered inhumane. On the other hand, progress in some fields, especially medicine, seems to be impossible without it.
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Essays on Popular Culture: Trying to Understand the Phenomenon
No matter what people think or say about popular culture, it is an integral part of our life, huge business that not only brings money, but also affects how people think and behave. In other words, understanding popular culture means understanding people better.
Categoty: Essay Types
How to Write College Admission Essays: Proven Tips
You know, even some really gifted students might face challenges when writing college admission essays. If you ask them “How to write a college admission essay”, you will not get a precise answer. This, probably, means that you deal with some special essay type that requires your best skills, ideas, and talents.
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Graphic design is widely used these days, from road signs to advertisements and product packs. One of the main graphic design goals is to help sell products, services, or ideas.
Essays on Graphic Design: How Did It all Start?
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Financial Needs Essays: Why Do You Need Money?
Basically, you might be asked to write a financial needs essay as a part of a scholarship essay or an essay when applying for a college grant. To be honest, this is not the most exciting type of essay you will have to deal with. What you will have to do is ask for money.
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Musical Essays: Listen to Your Favorite Music
It is a bit hard to believe, but your favorite music, composer, or a pop star can be the main idea of your musical essay. All you have to do is relax, listen to a couple of your favorite songs or musical compositions, and then describe your feelings, ideas, and emotions in the musical essay.
Categoty: Essay Types
How to Write a Title Page for an Essay
Perhaps, you are one of those students who think that a title page does not play a significant role, and this is why you have no idea how to write a title page for an essay.
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays on “Hedda Gabler”: Discussing the “Female Hamlet”
“Hedda Gabler” is a famous play written by Henrik Ibsen – a Norwegian playwright. It is hard to believe that the premier of the play received many negative reviews. Today, “Hedda Gabler” is considered to be a world drama, and the role of Hedda is called the “female Hamlet”.
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays against Capital Punishment: Different Factors to Be Considered
“Most people approve of capital punishment, but most people wouldn’t do the hangman’s job”
George Orwell

On the one hand, the problem of capital punishment seems to be a bit philosophical. Do people have the right to decide whether someone deserves to be killed or not? Can we take the life of another human? Should somebody who killed be deprived of the right to live?
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays on Sylvia Plath: Exploring Works and Life of the Great Poet
Sylvia Plath, who died at the age of 30, was a great American poet, short story writer, and novelist. Why do so many people admire her works? Probably, it is because they reflect feelings, ideas, and sufferings of a real-life individual. Anyway, you will know the answer if you read some of her poems or stories.
Categoty: Essay Types
College Essays on Career Goals: One More Way to “Sell” Yourself
Basically, students have to answer questions about their career and professional goals when applying to MBA programs. Yet, you may face the necessity to write professional goals essays when applying to any other school.
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays on Media Violence: Facts and Myths for You to Investigate
So, you have to prepare an essay on violence in the media. You do not have too much time to complete this assignment. Thus, you think of writing a typical persuasive or argumentative essay on media violence.
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“Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” Essays: Do Personal Research
You are lucky if you have to write a “Why I Want to Become a Pharmacist” essay just for your English class. Yet, if you are dealing with an application essay and have no clue what to write about in your “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” essay, the situation is a bit worse.
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Essays on Identity: Choosing the Right Direction
It might be rather tricky to write essays on identity, particularly choose the right direction to move in. Thus, in this article we offer you several ways of completing essays on identity. Yet, no matter what way you choose, your work should start with defining some basic terms and concepts.
Categoty: Essay Types
Biblical Essays: How to Manage Associated Problems
Students face numerous problems when they have to prepare biblical essays. Maybe, this 300-word article will help to manage not all of them. Yet, we want to focus on the main difficulties that can prevent you from getting a good grade on your biblical essay.
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