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American Literature Essays: Coming Up with the Main Idea
Maybe, American literature is not that ancient. Yet, believe us, coming up with the main idea of your American literature essay will not be easy, since there is a wide range of issues to discuss.
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Essays on African Americans: Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and others
Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Harriet Tubman – this is far not a full list of outstanding African Americans you may discuss in your African American essay.

By the way, writing a kind of biography essay on African Americans is one of the easy ways to cope with your task. Yet, make sure you will be able to explain your choice and tell something really interesting about the chosen person.
Categoty: Essay Types
1950s Essays: Significant Events of the Period
1950s… What are they all about? What is the period (from January 1, 1950 to December 31, 1959) famous for?

Sure, you cannot remember. You have only heard something about it, seen movies, and so on. Thus, before you start writing your 1950s essay, it is better to talk to senior people.

By the way, 1950s or 1950’s essays – what is correct? Show your search skills, find the right option so that to avoid mistakes in your 1950’s paper.
Categoty: Essay Types
Ancient Rome Essays: Best Tips for Writing
If you are working on an essay on ancient Rome, we suppose there is no need to enumerate all the achievements of ancient Romans. Hope you have already done necessary research and have a lot of information.

What you have to do now is decide how to organize this information and write an excellent essay on ancient Rome. We can help you at this stage by providing necessary tips for writing Ancient Rome essays.

Ancient Rome essays: where to start off
Categoty: Essay Types
GMAT Essays: Showing Your Best
Do you think of applying to a business administration program? Not a bad idea, but have you already taken the Graduate Management Admission Test? Without the results of this test, you will not be accepted to any business school.

We should warn you straight away that this is not an easy test. And as you can guess, its writing part or the GMAT essay is one of the most challenging stages. Thus, let us explain you several essential things about GMAT essays and ways to make a perfect one.
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays on Higher Education: What to Discuss
At the present moment, you are studying in school. What do you plan to do next? Do you want to enter college and get higher education? Do you believe it is important? Or, probably, do you think that it is just something everybody should do these days to make a good living?

You may share your ideas as to these issues in an essay on higher education. Maybe, right now, you are not sure yet what you want to do in the future and whether you really need to go to college. We are sure papers on higher education that you have to complete will help to sort out some important things.
Categoty: Essay Types
Definition Essays: Define the Main Writing Principles
Do you have to prepare a definition essay for the first time? Then you certainly need a good definition that will explain you what this kind of essay is all about.

First, let us give you a brief definition of this essay type. A definition essay is a task that helps you learn how to explain the meanings of words effectively.
Categoty: Essay Types
Canadian Confederation Essays: Things to Study
At a glance, it seems that completing essays on Canadian Confederation will be extremely difficult. Well, everything is not that bad as you think, and there is no need to make things more complicated than they are.

The only problem you might have with your Canadian Confederation essay is the amount of material to be studied previously. Yet, if you are not writing your essay on Canadian Confederation the night before it is due, this problem that can be easily managed.
Categoty: Essay Types
Papers on Heroes: Who Is a Hero?
Who is a hero? This is actually a really important question to answer before writing papers on heroes. The thing is that the meaning of this word has changed a little over time.

In the past, a hero was a man who showed extraordinary bravery, greatness of soul, physical abilities and did some noble deeds. For instance, all epic heroes are depicted so. By the way, writing epic hero essays is one of the ways to complete your assignment.
Categoty: Essay Types
Hamlet Soliloquies Essays: How to Analyze Them
Hamlet is a world famous play of William Shakespeare and one of his best works. Although millions of people love Hamlet, this play is not that easy to understand, at least after the first reading.

The play is famous for the soliloquies of the main character that play a significant role in the general understanding of the work. By the way, do you not have to consider these soliloquies in your next essay?
Categoty: Essay Types
Medical Ethics Essays: Starting Points for You
“…you will be loyal to the Profession of Medicine and just and generous to its members.”
Hippocratic Oath

At a glance, medical ethics seems to be a complicated issue to understand and talk about, especially if you are not into medicine. Yet, we suppose your teacher will not consider this a good reason for not writing a medical ethics essay.
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays on Current Issues: How to Talk about Them
* 14 people were killed at a high school party in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez;
* A plane has landed on a New Jersey highway;
* Germany suffers from traffic chaos because of heavy snow;
* Russia tests a new stealth fighter jet;
* Dinosaurs had ginger feathers;
* Bill and Melinda Gates promised to give 10 billion dollars to develop medicines for children in developing countries.
Categoty: Essay Types
Dentistry Essays: When Did You Last Visit a Dentist?
What do you feel when you think about dentists? Pain and unpleasant feelings? Yes, it seems like only this word “dentist” can make someone feel anxious and nervous. Meanwhile, our modern world cannot go without dentists.
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays on Murder: Writing Your Horror Story
If you have to write a murder essay for your Law class, a teacher, most probably, wants you to investigate some legal aspects of such crime. However, if the murder essay is assigned for your English class, there are several other more fascinating ways to prepare this task. Here are more details for you.
Categoty: Essay Types
Primary School Essays: First Steps to Academic Writing
In primary school, you will have to do a lot of things for the first time. Almost all of them serve as a basis for your knowledge and some important skills that you will use throughout your academic life.

In primary school, you will write your first essays – a task assigned not only in school, but also in college or university. Your primary school essays can play a vital role for your further education. The thing is that these first papers will help you learn the basics of academic writing. And you can believe us that without good writing skills your further studies might be really troublesome.
Categoty: Essay Types
An Essay on Sports: You Can Make It Exclusive
What a coincidence! You definitely know that not so long ago, particularly on February 12, the XXI Olympic Winter Games started in Vancouver. It is a really big event that the whole world is watching.

Meanwhile, your teacher asks you to write an essay on sports. Do you not think these two events have something in common? Probably they do not, at a glance. However, the first big event, Olympic Games, is definitely an exclusive topic for essays about sports.
Categoty: Essay Types
Papers on “The Great Gatsby”: Investigating Various Themes
“The Great Gatsby”, one of the great novels of Scott Fitzgerald, was not considered that great when it was published (1925). However, today the novel is taught in almost all high schools and colleges.

It seems like this is exactly what you are studying at the moment. What is more, you have reached the point when you need to write an essay about “The Great Gatsby”.
Categoty: Essay Types
Galaxy Essays: From Astronomy to Literature
Depending on your interests or a subject you are studying, there are at least two options for writing essays on galaxy. Below, we provide details about both ways to complete galaxy essays.

Yet, before that, we want to remind you that no matter what way you choose, you should have enough background knowledge or will have to do additional research. This especially refers to those who have to write galaxy essays for their Astronomy class.

So, here are some prompts for writing essays on galaxy.
Categoty: Essay Types
Apology Essays: How to Make a Teacher Accept Your Apologies

Do you not know how to write apology essays? If it is so, you lack one really important skill!

Do you know why a student should know how to apologize? Because very often students make some rude mistakes, have conflict situations with their teachers. Usually, such conflicts require further apologies from a student.

Writing an apology essay or letter is a good way to solve your conflict situation. Follow these simple steps.
Categoty: Essay Types
Reaction Essays: Expressing your Reaction
“Gosh, it was amazing! Have never seen something like that before!” “Oh, nothing special, really. A dull plot, predictable events cannot surprise me”.

These are all expressions of people’s reaction to something. We hear these words every day. While this way to express your reaction is fine for a typical conversation with your friends, it will not work for a reaction essay.
Categoty: Essay Types