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American History Reports: Special Writing Tips for You
Someone may think that an American history report is just another essay on history. Well, perhaps this task can be called an essay in history if it is assigned in high or middle school. However, when it comes to writing at the college level, you deal with an American history report.
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A 1000 Word Essay: Can You Finish It in One Day?
The length of essays varies greatly, but 300, 500, 750, 1000 are considered standard essay length. It seems like you have to meet one of these word limits, particularly write a 1000 word essay. What is more, it seems like you have a time limit as well and need to prepare your 1000 word essay in one night.
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Illustration Essays: Can You Explain Using Examples?
Some students say that an illustration essay is the easiest type of essay. Others do not think so. Anyway, you will be able to check this when writing your own illustration essay.
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Essays Describing your Favorite Relative: One of the Plans for Writing
We suppose that those who have a favorite relative will not have problems and they will easily complete essays describing a favorite relative.

If it is a person you really like and respect, you will have hundreds of ides to cover in your “Favorite Relative” essay.
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“Othello” Essays: A Play about Racism or Human Nature?
“Othello” is one of the most famous Shakespeare’s plays as well as it is one of his the most controversial works. Many literary critics view it as a racist play because of the main characters – a black general Othello who marries a white woman Desdemona, and relations between them.
Categoty: Essay Types
Long Essays: Positive and Negative Aspects of this Task
So, you want to know how to write a long essay. You have never prepared this kind of essay before. Fine, we are ready to explain you the basics of writing long essays.
Categoty: Essay Types
Advantages and Disadvantages Essays: Easy Writing Instructions
We can tell you for sure that an advantages and disadvantages essay is the easiest type among all other types of essay. However, if you face this task for the first time, you definitely need some good instructions for writing.
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You even do not have to explain the reason why you fell stumped with your essay about women. Women are mysterious, hard to comprehend, they can be both angels and devils, they can make love them or hate them to death.
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Research Essays: Recipe for a Powerful Paper
Bet the main question you have at the moment is “What does a research essay actually mean? Is it an ordinary essay? Or is it a research paper?” The last guess of yours is correct, and you have to deal with a mere research paper. Why do they call it a research essay then? Well, a research paper, in other words, can be defined as a longer and more serious essay.
Categoty: Essay Types
Adam Smith Essays: Producing a Powerful Paper
What do you know about Adam Smith? He was one of the prominent figures of the Scottish Enlightenment, he was a famous political economics theorist, he was the author of “The Wealth of Nations” and “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”.
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Remembered Event Essays: Choosing an Event
Everybody had at least one event in his/her life that will be remembered for the rest of life, and we are sure you are not an exception. You remember how something happened to you for the first time. You remember some striking events that shaped your personality, views, and beliefs.
Categoty: Essay Types
Research Papers Outlines: You Are Just Planning
“This teacher is crazy! He asked to write such a complicated paper, and now I need to do even more work. Gee, what is the point of making a research paper outline?!”
Categoty: Essay Types
Essays on the Importance of Education: The Right Time to Think about It
Do you know why it is the right time to think about the important of education? Well, because in a couple of weeks another academic year will start. Welcome back to school! An essay on the importance of education can help you get inspired a little for studies and realize that vacations are over and you need to get ready for hard work.
Categoty: Essay Types
Response Essays: A Balance between Personal and Critical Writing
At a glance, the gist of a response essay is pretty clear. In a few words, you are supposed to write an essay in response to a literary work, a movie, or a work of art.
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Essay Writing Tutorials: Free Guides Available on the Web
Do you say you cannot write proper essays? Are you constantly complaining that teachers give you low grades on essays? Has essay writing turned into a task you really hate? Well, your case seems to be very serious, but we will try to help you.
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Data Handling Courseworks: Three Stages to Get Through
It is pretty normal that you feel nervous because of your data handling coursework. First, it plays an important role for your GCSE examination marks. Second, you do not feel confident about your knowledge and have some doubts about the general organization of a data handling coursework.
Categoty: Essay Types
Critical Evaluation Essays: Features of a Great Paper
We are sure you get the very gist of writing critical evaluation essays. Yes, all you have to do is evaluate something – a work of literature, some article, a movie, or even critically evaluate an essay of your peer. But how exactly are you going to do that?
Categoty: Essay Types
Research Paper Titles: Three Important Things to Keep in Mind
Are you good at creating research papers’ titles? Are you sure that research papers’ titles you usually make fulfill all their functions properly? Or, probably, you have no idea what functions research papers’ titles have? If it is really so, then we presume you do not know much about this important element of a research paper.
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Term Paper Help with Choosing a Topic and Carrying out Research
Maybe, you do not need help with term papers right now, because the new academic year has just started, and hardly will you be asked to prepare a term paper right from the start. However, you definitely realize that the earlier you will get ready for completing such tasks as term papers, the fewer problems you will have afterwards.
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Essays on “The Stranger”: How Absurd Is the World?
Do you have to write an essay in French literature? Can you not decide what exactly to focus on? Well, if you are not given any specific topic, we have a good suggestion for you. What about writing an essay on “The Stranger” – one of the most famous novels of the French writer Albert Camus?
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