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Interest rate risk of Tetra Technologies
Tetra Technologies is under interest rate risk with respect to a portion of Firm's outstanding indebtedness.As of December 31, 2008, Firm's outstanding long-term debt ($97.4 mil) consists of floating rate loans, bearing interest at rate spread above LIBOR. Consequently, Firm's cash flows as well as results of operations are subject to interest rate risk exposure due to the level of the variable rate debt balance outstanding. The firm currently did not enter an interest rate swap contract or other derivative instrument for hedging exposure to interest rate fluctuation risk.
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How to Make a Term Paper: Steps to Take
One of the possible nightmares that many students have at the end of the year is How to Make a Term Paper!!! Do you have the same question? Do you want to know how to make a term paper?
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How to Write a Wining Proposal for a Dissertation
Do you need to create a dissertation paper? Have you already thought about those steps that you need to take?

Well, before you start writing a dissertation, you have to prepare and defend a dissertation proposal. Do you know how to create a worthwhile dissertation proposal? Find useful tips right in this article.
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Essays on Inflation – Free Writing Tips
You definitely know that inflation is not about changes for the better in the country’s economy, what causes inflation and some ways to solve this problem. Well, we have to say that such background knowledge of the topic is not solid enough. At least, it is not enough for writing worthwhile essays on inflation.
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Rules for Writing Essays on Information Technology
You have already spent several hours surfing the Web. The results are nil, and you have not found anything helpful for writing your essay on information technology. Well, probably your skills of searching and analyzing information are not that excellent. Bad for you, since it is one of the major aspects of writing efficient information technology essays.
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Giving a Brilliant Oral Book Report
Do you think you have a talent for giving speeches but you did not have an opportunity to reveal it? Or, probably, your classmates think that all you can talk about is shops/sports/cars, etc.

Well, you have a chance to prove that giving speeches is one of your strong points. However, before that you need to find out some secrets of giving brilliant oral book reports and prepare one.
What is an oral book report about?
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Essays on Iraq: So Many Things to Talk about!
What was your first thought when your teacher asked to write an essay on Iraq? Most probably, it was something like “Well, the topic of Iraq is too general and broad! What exactly should I discuss in my essay on Iraq?”
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Essays on Harriet Tubman: Proven Tips on how to Make a Strong Essay
Harriet Tubman was an African American abolitionist most famous for her missions to free slaves and the Underground Railroad (one of the methods to do that).
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GCSE Chemistry Coursework: Transmuting Ideas into Quality
A Chemistry coursework is a very complex assignment itself. But GCSE Chemistry coursework should be handled with even greater care and responsibility. Thereby, any measures should be taken to avoid inconsistencies and every step of this complex process should be treated with proper attention.
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Short Essays: Writing under the Word Limit Pressure
Do you think that completing short essays is easier than creating longer pieces of writing? Do you think that preparing a short essay will not take you too much time? Do you think you will have no problems with a task like that?
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Articles on Unemployment: A Perfect Basis for Economics-Related Papers
If you are taking an Economics class, be ready for completing various assignments devoted to any economics-related topic. Although you will face a lot of them, we suppose the completion of your micro and macroeconomics essays and research papers will not cause too much trouble. After all, you can observe almost all economic processes in your everyday life, because Economics is closely related to the real world.
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Essays on “A Streetcar Named Desire”: Free Writing Prompts
“A Streetcar Named Desire” is one of the three plays that made the American playwright Tennessee Williams famous. We are sure you know two other popular plays “Glass Menagerie” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. However, this time you will have to focus on “A Streetcar Named Desire”, because a teacher is waiting for an essay on this topic.
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PhD Dissertation Topics: How to Tell if You Have Made the Wrong Choice
So, you have signed up for writing a PhD dissertation and you have even chosen your PhD dissertation topic. It is good for you, because now you are ready to pass to the next stages of the dissertation writing process. There is just one question we want to ask. Are you sure you have picked the best PhD dissertation topic?
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Term Papers in MLA Format: Very Simple Rules to Remember
Do you still face troubles when making term papers in MLA format? Can you not remember all those rules and requirements? Well, actually it is pretty strange, because MLA is considered to be one of the easiest term paper formats. At least, the main rules that you need to follow to prepare a term paper in MLA format are not that difficult to remember.
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Research Paper Formats: What If You Do not Stick to Them
Yes, we agree that sticking to all those research papers formats is one of the most annoying parts of preparing papers. First, you need to know what specific research paper format should be used. Second, you have to know all its rules and requirements. Finally, you should also be aware of your teacher’s specific preferences as to research papers formats and follow them as well.
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Sonami Essays: Do You Think You Know What Electronic Music Is about?
When a teacher asked to write a Sonami essay, you first thought, “Probably, he/she means a tsunami essay”. If this was the first idea that came up to your mind, you actually do not know much about electronic music. At least, your knowledge does not go beyond famous Dj’s and popular music genres. And, certainly this will not be enough for the completion of your Sonami essay.
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Scholarship Essay Samples: Places to Find, Aspects to Consider
You, like any other wise student, realize that winning a scholarship is a perfect opportunity to get additional funding for your education or specific research projects. Moreover, you also know that writing a scholarship essay is an obligatory requirement of the application process.
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Acceptance Essay: Recommendations on Successful Writing
Writing an acceptance essay is difficult because, as a rule, students are not so experienced in this kind of writing. At the same time, this task is very responsible. You will find some basic hints on writing a successful acceptance essay in this article.

Firs of all, do not be trivial. Compare these two beginnings of culinary school acceptance essays:

Acceptance essay: excerpt 1.

I have been dreaming about becoming a cook since my early childhood. I practiced much, always tried to be creative in my cooking. Now, I feel the desire to make cooking my profession.
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Essay Plans: Essential Tips and Ideas Students must Know
When students are assigned with essay papers, the first thing they must do is to know ample details about the essay topic. The next thing after gathering enough information regarding the essay topic is to make proper essay plans.

Right planning of an essay will enable to write the essay smoothly as well as easily. Moreover, essay plan form the basis for writing well organized essay paper. This is enough to explain the importance and role of essay plans in bringing out powerful and strong essays.
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Customized Essays – The Answer to your Essay Writing Problem
Sometimes you are desperate to submit an outstanding essay. May be you need a good grade to cover up for a low grade in the exam or a failed term paper you have submitted. Otherwise, it may be the admission essay for the college of your dreams. It can even be the perfect scholarship essay that you are in need of. This is when you may need customized essays written by a professional essay writer to come to your rescue. Sometimes it happens to be the case that you have completely forgotten about an essay which needs to be submitted on a deadline just one or two days away. In such situations too, you may benefit by obtaining an essay that is custom written to match your assignment requirements.
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