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Writing Term Papers On Autism
Writing Term Papers On Autism
Term papers on autism are special projects aimed at a fixed audience. An academic exercise would teach students about the disease and its symptoms. In an exercise of this sort, it is important that they study about the disease and plan term work research in a way that readers would easily understand the interpretation. Autism is a medical disorder that prevents victims from interacting with other people. It can be noticed as they find it difficult to communicate and show repetitive signs of restrictive behavior. Continuous research takes place around the world to identify common patterns and how autism can be treated as humanely as possible. Academic assignments can offer the latest information to interest readers. The introduction can present the direction of research to be undertaken. A topic may focus on a particular aspect of autism, but the term paper should aim to cover it as a disease. Studies and research content must include the latest information, while presenting the direction for future studies on the topic.

Present The Latest Information

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) affect children below 3 years more often than others. Visible signs include abnormalities in cognitive functioning, sensory processing, learning, and attention. The term paper introduction should highlight the alarming rate at which autism is being detected worldwide. Before the 1980s, autism was considered a rare disease in the U.S. and affected one in every 2000 children. However, the 1990s saw more children receiving treatment. April 2010 became the first National Autism Awareness Month. More recently, “Walk Now For Autism Speaks” were organized in different states to raise money and register people for community service towards autism. Worldwide, the number of children affected by the disorder is rising rapidly. The United States would be spending an estimated $90 billion per year to care for the 1.75 million Americans affected by ASD. A figure of this sort would cripple the economy of a developing country. Term papers on autism should highlight why prevention has become vitally important.

Prevention Is The Best Cure For Autism

Studies have shown that autism detected in the early stages can bring down the associated cost of treatment by 66%, which is why research is vitally important to understand and prevent the alarming growth rate of the disorder. Parents are not aware of the extreme danger of neglecting symptoms evident in children with autism. Reporting cases in time will not only help in better treatment but will provide the background needed for researchers to find the right direction. A guide to autism would provide vital information about symptoms and centers where treatment can be sought.

Significant Step Towards A Cure

Term papers on autism should also inform readers about developments that may lead to cure. The most recent genetic study was conducted by 120 researchers who took DNA samples from 1,000 children and their parents from all across the globe. The study which took five long years to complete has finally yielded results. One of the major reasons for children getting the disorder is known. Writing a term paper on autism must highlight such new developments providing hope for the future that a cure is just around the corner.

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