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Writing Term Papers On Racism
Writing Term Papers On Racism
Discrimination should be the theme of term papers on racism. It is hatred against people of a particular caste, color, or creed based on their racial background. Racism has been discussed in many countries and governments have had to take firm decisions to curb the menace. Earlier, it was the color that mattered. Blacks were forced to come to America as slaves. It became easy for the whites to discriminate them based on their color. In other countries like India, a totally different reasoning existed for many generations before independence. Belonging to a higher caste had its privileges not only in terms of dominating the weaker sections of society but also in terms of lifestyle privileges afforded just because they were born into a higher caste. A term paper on immigration can detail the conditions under which people chose to willfully leave the place of their ancestors just to provide their children equal opportunity.

The Economics Of Racism

There is a distorted connection between economy, capitalism, and racism. An economics term paper would highlight the fact that many problems related to the economy originate from unequal status and the unwillingness to adjust in difficult times. For example, the blacks in America were not responsible for the slowdown of the economy at any stage during the last century. It therefore became difficult to explain why white workers were so racist. It was believed that they resented the fact that blacks were used to earning lower wages, which made it difficult for the whites to live a superior lifestyle. Capitalism crept in with discrimination based on appeasing the majority. Substantial inequality came into existence and was here to stay.

Term papers on racism can also talk of the workforce in the Middle East. Europeans and Americans were paid higher wages for the same work done by a worker from say Sri Lanka. Companies willfully created discrimination based on the country of origin. The reasoning was that people came to earn money in the Middle East to improve the lifestyle of families they left behind. However, higher wages also brought in a feeling of insecurity among workers. It was discrimination based on helplessness. It was a kind of forced racism that demanded difference in wages to attract the right work force. Cultures existing in different countries did not matter. What mattered was the economy of the country hiring them. This is a typical case for an ethics term paper. A balance was sought by offering people much higher wages that they would have got in their own countries. People then accepted discrimination as inevitable.

When A Whole Country Believed In Racism

When the Nazis ruled Germany, six million Jews were killed on Hitlerís instructions. Was it a case of mass hypnotism that the country believed in his ideology? Some were against the principles he stood for but were forced to follow his dictates. Feelings expressed during the early 19th and 20th centuries proved that racism existed outside Germany. Term papers on racism must talk on the conditions that existed during World War II, and the potential danger racism posed in destroying an entire race. Conditions have improved but vigilance is required to distinguish between true racism and opportunism.

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