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Term Paper Cover Page Format Guidelines
Term Paper Cover Page Format Guidelines
A term paper cover page format is demonstrative of how the term paper would be formatted. It is representative of how good it would appear. Readers would get to see the cover page first, which means they have the choice to decide whether to leave the paper or continue reading through its contents by just looking at it. One has to consider the fact that readers would be looking for content. A research paper is meant to provide valuable information to those who are interested in the subject. Evaluators would go beyond appearance and look at how informative the cover page is in terms of following standard formatting methods. The curriculum would suggest whether to use a MLA term paper format, an APA term paper format, or any other type depending on the subject matter to be covered. A simple and clear format is warranted as graphic skills are not the criteria for evaluating a term paper.

Essential Information Included In The Cover Page

Title of the term paper (Attempt should be made to ensure the title fits in one line.)
Page Number
Writer’s Name (It would be the full name as recorded in the school registers)
Course Details (GCSE or any other)
Teacher or guide’s name
Period during which the term paper would be submitted
Submission date

Tips To Ensure The Cover Page Is Impressive

Adapt to the format dictated by the style of writing. The MLA style may differ from the APA style. Also, the curriculum would dictate how the term paper and effectively the cover page should appear. Students can always ask their teachers for help.
Do not use too many different types of fonts for effect. The maximum number would be specified in the curriculum. As a general rule, two fonts at the most can be used. Information presented on the cover page is supposed to inform readers about the topic not design of the page. However, whenever certain data is to be highlighted, a change in font can be implemented.
Use a term paper cover page format template that can be modified at any stage. For example, a word processor would allow any number of additions and deletions limiting the number of words to a pre-determined level.
A term paper would be checked for plagiarism. Students have to gather reference material at different stages. It is better to write the entire paper from scratch without copy-pasting information from sources. It is understood that different sources would have different formatting methods adapted. By copying material from a source directly into a word processor, the format would also be copied. The original format used in the template can get altered. If the original content is left intact without corrections, it is evident that writer has resorted to plagiarism. The cover page would have the same effect.
Prepare an outline for a term paper. It can be effectively expanded into the complete paper at a later stage. The advantage of using this method is that the term paper cover page format would match the one used in the whole paper. Any changes made would be consistent throughout.

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