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Outline For A Term Paper
Outline For A Term Paper

Basic Outline For A Term Paper

An outline for a term paper helps students organize their term paper better. It forms the skeleton that branches out into content-related points that can be expanded into the paper. There are no hard and fast rules to organize an outline. Students can form their own structure. It is important that they understand what was entered into the outline at a later date. Content can then be included to complete the paper or research essay. The outline should develop into a logical formation of points that all connect with the essay statement to be placed in the introduction. A simple way to do this is to determine a keyword related to the topic or sub topic and then work out points to support the keyword. The points could be in the form of arguments.

A Simple Outline To Use

If the MLA term paper format is used, then the outline should incorporate the same format. For example, Roman numerals would be used in the main sub headings and capital letters in the subdivisions. Here is a simple outline for a term paper that could be used to compile outlines on several other topics as well.

I. INTRODUCTION Ė (Essentially contains the essay or thesis statement on Hamlet in just one sentence. The rest of the introduction offers more information on the main character leading into the body of the thesis.)

II. BODY Ė Character study of Prince Hamlet, Claudius, Queen Gertrude, and Horatio.

(A) Prince Hamletís Royal Background
1. Hamletís relations with
a. His mother Queen Gertrude
b. His dead father
c. His uncle Claudius

2. Hamletís relations with his friends and other characters
a. Friendship with Horatio
b. Connection with the Ghost.

The body of the term paper outline can expanded into several points and sub points in the same manner indicated above. The arguments and support statements thought of would decide how many sub divisions are required. Also, the logical arrangement would allow more points to be added at any level. For example, (A) Prince Hamletís Royal Background would be one main sub division. An analysis of Hamletís behavior at different situations in the play could be another main sub division (B), and so on.

Prepare An Outline To Allow Or Remove Content

Ideally, it is better to use software that automatically allows addition of deletion of content. It would form the hierarchical arrangements based on the topic and number of points supporting or opposing it. Students can then organize gather information through research into the relevant areas of the essay paper. At this stage, each point or argument is expanded logically within the outline. Care should be taken to verify the information provide at every stage. They sources can be listed at the end of the outline, which can then be transferred to a works cited page. Compare and contrast views should be listed separately.

Advantages Of Forming An Outline For A Term Paper

The outline allows any number of changes.
The logical spread of information allows for reshuffling of data as per new addition of deletion of content. Changes made during the editing stage would allow further insight into the way readers think and react.

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