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Term Paper Format
Term Paper Format
Some students are worried that they do not know anything about a term paper format. Actually, we can divide the format in writing into two categories. The first one will concentrate on the goal of the writer. This will involve the very purpose of writing and its style. The second one will be about the citation process. As you know, many essay types will require research so you need to cite your reference materials. Now, we will discuss both of these format aspects today.

The term paper format according to the purpose of writing is easy to understand. If you will consider the types of essays, then you already know what this formatting mean. Depending on your goal, the format can tell a story, describe something or confirm the validity of an idea. So here is a list of different essays formats according to purpose of writing:

Narrative – telling a story that can be fictional or factual.

Descriptive – describing things that the writer has selected.

Argumentative – arguing for or against a certain issue or idea.

Persuasive – convincing the readers to take a particular stand in an issue or to accept an opinion.

Expository – providing the readers more in-depth understanding of a topic.

Analytical – analyzing a certain topic of interest beyond the obvious perceptions.

Critical Analysis – Commenting on another person’s work and interpreting the meaning of that material.

Now, you need to know the different types of term paper format according to citation principles. As you know, each student needs to be familiar with the process of referencing. This is an act of recognizing another person’s work that contributed to the creation of your article. Therefore, referencing is also a good tool to avoid plagiarism problems. We will suggest that you use any of the three most popular citation formats. These are the Harvard, APA and MLA. Harvard is usually used by British schools; the APA is useful for topics involving science while MLA is for humanities topics. When applying these citation styles, you need to remember three things. The first one is formatting of pages and pagination. The second is the in-text citation, which is the most important part. The third one is the creation of the bibliography page. You can visit our Samples section for you to see how different essays apply different citation formats.

We can give you some sample materials that will guide you in writing a good term paper format. If you wish to see them, simply go to our Samples database and retrieve a file. These are all free of charge as part of our commitment to help students. If you wish to avail of our customized writing service, simply send us a request anytime.

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