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The Final Stages of your Term Paper Writing – Editing and Proofreading
The Final Stages of your Term Paper Writing – Editing and Proofreading
Term paper writing takes a number of requirements, skills, techniques and support information. You may have good but poorly presented ideas, depending on your paper type or target audience.

Term papers can be theoretical essays which only require writing creative content or just writing about you. However, it can also be based on research, hence a research paper. Editing and proofreading are two processes intended to polish one’s written work, therefore paramount care has to be taken for better results.

Guidelines for Editing and Proofreading during your Term Paper Writing

While you get on to edit, you have to consider three major areas including the content, its organization and style. At this stage of your term paper writing, you need to revise your essay writing skills in general to help you do this so well.
Content: Check the level of interest your paper exhibits, embarking mainly on your story, its ideas and how much they convince your audience. Analyze whether you have enough details, facts, statistics or examples supporting your main idea. Check for and fix the clarity of ideas, putting them to a meaningful state and taking note of unrelated ideas.
Organization: Check for the clear and systematic order of ideas and their details. Ensure good flow, connection and continuity of your ideas or sentences or paragraphs.
Style: Your style basically emphasizes your language and way of presentation in relation to your audience and paper purpose. This has a basic importance of attracting your audience. You may decide to approach a personal essay by setting and answering challenging questions in life; whereas another writer may decide to narrate the challenging situations he/she faced in life. Questions may make the reader eager to know how the problem was solved or how a situation was survived. While the narration always keeps the reader with zeal to know what happened next or seeking to complete the meaning of the previous paragraphs.

As you polish your writing, you are basically performing four basic techniques of editing, that is, adding, cutting, replacing or rearranging. Add all the missing, but necessary information to required details. Cut out to do away with any unnecessary or misrepresented or wrong attributes of your work. Replace weak or ambiguous wording with precise wording or details. Acquire a clear and flowing order.

To proofread your work, you need to take the following considerations;
Completeness and independence of sentences and paragraphs. Sentences beginning with capital letters and having correct punctuations.
Singular subjects using singular verbs or plural subjects using plural verbs. Verb forms and tenses used correctly. Adjective and verb forms correctly used. Forms of personal pronouns correctly used
Correct spellings
Good language used instead of slang.
Right wording to include technical or key words

Like any other works, term paper writing requires continuous development of good writing skills, so seek for term paper samples. For further learning you can also consult essay help services.

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