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Term Paper Title Page is an Introduction to Your Essay
Term Paper Title Page is an Introduction to Your Essay
Term Paper Title Page – Basic Guidelines

A term paper title page as the very name suggests is the cover page of the term paper and is the gateway to the entire essay writing. Since this is the introductory page to the essay paper one should take care to make it as attractive as possible. However making it attractive does not mean that it has to be colourful with pictures and showy graphics. A cover page should be very much formal and without any show or frills. It should be neat and clutter free with a professional look and care should be taken to keep it entirely error free. the font used should be Times New Roman and font size should be ideally 12 points. Any relevant picture or graphics should be added only with the consent of the teacher.

The cover page of any paper, be it a research paper, a term paper or it may also be a cover page of college paper, consists of certain essential information. First the name or title of the assigned project is written. The writer should remember to keep the title kept short and simple so as not to intimidate the reader at the first glance. Next will come the name of the writer(s) in alphabetical order with the surname first. After this, the instructor’s name will have to be written which will be followed by the class and course details. The date of submission needs to be given at the end. So the cover page should be aligned in this manner:

1.Title of the assigned term paper

2.Name(s) of the writer

3.Name of teacher

4.Course and subject details

5.Class name and details

6.Date of submission

There are many term paper subjects that one may choose tow rite form. However the choice of a topic in most cases is in the hands of the teacher. However whatever topic is assigned one must explore the topic well to write a good quality paper.There are five sections in the parts of a term paper. These are the term paper title page , an introduction, the main body of the essay, the concluding part of the paper and the reference page at the end. Care must be taken to write each part well and and the writer must also see that each section does the function that it is meant to do. A term paper title page is an optional part of the paper and should be given only if the teacher asks for it. Term paper writing is a part of the academic essay writing that is assigned to the students every year, every term by their teachers. This is done to check what has been taught in class has been understood by the students or not and whether they could apply the taught things in other situations too. Essay writing skills of the students are also judged to see whether they can express themselves well or not. So one should master the art of writing term papers to get a good grade in class.

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