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Parts of a Term Paper – The ABC of Essay Writing
Parts of a Term Paper – The ABC of Essay Writing
Parts of a Term Paper – Basic Guideline

Term paper writing make up for the majority of essay writing assignments that a student has to complete in his academic life. A student may be asked to write such academic essays for any grade and on any topic. These assignments are set by the teacher to test the understanding and expressing capabilities of his students. They are also a means of checking as to how much research work and effort has gone into completing the assigned work from the student’s end. So it is important for a school or college student to how to write a term paper and what are the parts of a term paper. It is also essential for a student to develop through practice essay writing skills

There are five sections in the parts of a term paper. These are the term paper cover page, the introduction to the essay paper, the main body of the essay, the concluding part of the paper and the reference page at the end.

1. Cover page – this page is optional and depends on whether the instructor needs it not. A cover page is a sort of introduction to the term paper and care should be taken to make it appealing within its specified limits.

2. Introduction – this should introduce the topic in brief, to the reader. There should be explanations of the main terms and definitions given to introduce the topic well. the importance of the topic should be given here and presented in such a manner that it would interest the reader and urge him to read further. the thesis statement should be introduced here.

3. Main body of the essay – Here the topic should be discussed in detail. all arguments must be presented here, backed by logical and strong evidences. Here the student’s case should be made to build up and all research findings must be presented here. A body will consist of many paragraphs or sections all of which must be linked well.

4. Concluding paragraph must present a summary of the entire written essay. It will reiterate the thesis statement. There should be a concluding statement that should be convincing and strong.

5. Reference page – This is an important part of the term paper. In fact any sort of academic writing demands that the writer is aware of and knows the correct essay format and the associated pattern of referencing. Any good research work will involve in depth study and investigation on the chosen theme. A thorough research work will give evidences and direct quotations from other similar and related works to support his own line of argument and prove his stand on the stated thesis statement. Direct citations make it compulsory to give references at the last page of the essay to avoid charges of plagiarism. There are certain set and standard patterns to give citations that vary according to the paper format(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) and must be followed religiously and carefully.

All these parts of a term paper must be incorporated while writing an assigned essay. While writing an essay care must be taken to see that the paper is error free and is written in simple and smooth flowing language. Check out our sample essays to see how a term paper is to be written. If you face problems while completing your assignment then come to us at MasterPapers.com and let the expert essay writers help you out.

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