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Term Paper Cover Page – Check First Whether it is Required or Not
Term Paper Cover Page – Check First Whether it is Required or Not
Term Paper Cover Page – Guidelines

Cover page or a title page is an optional part of academic essay writing depending on whether the professor asks for it or not. So the format of a term paper cover page vary according to the style of the written paper and also vary owing to the specifications provided by the instructor. So it is important before setting off to write the term paper that one studies the specifications and requirements very thoroughly. Generally, only one to two different types of fonts are allowed while writing the cover page as too many different kinds of fonts only serve to distract the reader and the paper would lose the necessary formal look. The format of the cover paper should be made simple without too many graphs or pictures. If any image is deemed suitable it can be given only with the instructor’s permission. However colored background graphics are allowed and this can be effectively used to make the paper attractive. Sometimes logos and tags of various entities related to the project, especially in business study term papers, can be used to give an idea of the project work. So a cover page is a sort of introduction in term paper writing and care should betaken to make it appealing within the specified limits.

The basic format of a cover page would be as follows:

1. Student(s) name

2. course name

3. course code , if any

4. semester details in which the course was undertaken

5. university name and other details as specified by the university

6. name of the professor under whom the course was undertaken

7. date of project submission

8. project title so that the reader is aware of the nature of the project

Be it research paper writing or writing a term paper, cover page always depends on whether the instructor wants it or not and also on the format that he or she specifies. It is actually easy writing a cover page as not much effort is required into preparing it. It is the least of the worries while writing a thesis paper or doing a term paper

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