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Forming A Research Paper Outline Worksheet
Forming A Research Paper Outline Worksheet
A research paper outline worksheet is formed in order to set up research paper activities in the right order. Usually, a paper consists of the title page, abstract, introduction, body of the required number of paragraphs, conclusion, and a bibliography. A brief description of the various sections is listed below

Title Should Explain The Topic Descriptively

Readers should be able to understand what the essay is all about through the title. A compelling title would generate interest with controversy, by raising queries, or by introducing a new topic. It can use action words to present an interesting explanation of the topic.

Expand On The Title In The Abstract

The abstract is a short summary of the research paper. It can confirm the topic by expanding on the description provided in the title. The purpose of the study can be explained in detail. Two to three brief sentences on the locations used for research and the time taken to collect the information in the proper research paper format can be added.

Compile An Interesting Introduction

An introduction can be interesting if it can get through to readers. They may want a quick answer to a question they have about the topic, or they may need a solution to a problem they face. Though the introduction does not give answers about the steps taken, the research paper outline worksheet would strive to include the general direction the essay is going to take. For example, an experiment may have specific steps to be performed to achieve the desired results. Students can give away the result in the introduction to generate interest, but the steps would be slowly built up in the body of the essay.

Detailed Body Of the Essay Is Required

Without deviating from the main topic, the body of the essay would strive to support the essay statement. It would be the lengthiest part of the essay and would incorporate in-text reference and research paper citations which are then elaborated upon in the bibliography. A simple way to prepare the worksheet is to include points that support the statement and then expand on each point in separate paragraphs.

Conclusion Should Summarize the Essay

A research paper is meant to inform readers about a new topic. The paper should talk about the topic and make readers either agree to a point of view or take some action based on the matter covered earlier. Students must be aware that a professional approach is needed to compile a research paper. Readers would not be aware if the topic is completely covered in the paper.

Bibliography Covers Reference Material Used

The bibliography expands on in-text citations to list out reference material used in the essay. it is an important part of the research paper outline worksheet. The style guide would specify how it is to be compiled. For example, the authorís last name can be used to alphabetically list out entries. In some cases, endnotes are used to prepare a list of entries at the end of each page to expand on in-text citations used on the page.

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