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Forming A Research Paper Table Of Contents
Forming A Research Paper Table Of Contents
A research paper table of contents is an essential component of a research paper. It presents an eye-view of the contents of the paper. Effectively, it could be headings or categories that indicate what would be included in various research paper sections. It plays an important role in providing clarity to assignments. Students follow standard methods to gather content for each listing within the table in the order it appears. This is the foundation of the research paper and affords clarity to form an outline which can then be used to compile a good research paper. An effective paper would have all the ingredients in place in the right order including the title page, summary, introduction, body in different sections, conclusion, endnotes, and/or bibliography. Formatting plays an important role in adding authenticity and method to the paper. If students can draft a research paper table of contents, it would save them a lot of time researching and trying to find content without a specific method.

Factors To Consider When Preparing Table Of Contents

Following a formatting standard: Different styles of writing exist in academic writing like MLA, APA, and other styles. It is important for students to understand and apply required formats as per style guides to a research paper. They have to be aware of how citations and bibliographies are formatted. The same methods in a concise manner would be applicable to a table of contents.

How To List Within The Table Of Contents: Each listing has to be clear to readers. For example, they may want to would go directly to a certain portion of the research paper. It becomes vital that a listing tells them exactly what it contains. Students have to maintain a delicate balance between using as few words and imparting as much information as possible. It comes with practice. A matter-of-fact attitude helps in writing a good research paper table of contents. One has to be to the point and very methodical.

Using the APA style, a research paper would contain an introduction, abstract, body, and references in that order. A 10 12 size format and a one-inch margin for each side of the page would be applied in the table of contents as well. Proper nouns are always capitalized (D. Harper). Underlined or italics text would be used similar to what is adapted in documentaries. Quotation marks would be used for short titles as in articles.

The MLA standard affords a pictorial view of all research paper activities including an outline and table. The same method can be adapted depending on the length of the research paper. The example shown below would clarify how it is used.

Title Page
Thesis: Tracing Origin Of Aztecs.

Using Headings and subheadings at the appropriate places would clarify matters further.

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