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Compiling A Research Paper Literature Review
Compiling A Research Paper Literature Review
A research paper literature review is an essential exercise to present a summary of the source documents used for the research paper. Reviews can be written on any academic topic. Students may differ on their viewpoints but the purpose remains the same, i.e., to analyze the annotated bibliography and form an opinion on a problem or question about the topic. They study the methods used, form their own opinion about the annotated bibliography, and then present a summary of their findings in the form of a literary review. Research paper activities involve the title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, results, endnotes, and a bibliography. A reviewer would go through the different research paper sections and form their view on each aspect covered in those sections. Students should be able to view their project in the same way.

Why An Outline Is Needed?

A research paper literature review can be a simple summary that can list important information from source documents in a way that makes it unique. The outline can include the writer’s views, part of the information gathered, and can present a combined view based on several documents for the benefit of readers. To form an effective outline, writers must take essential inputs from the research paper and summarize it. The outline then becomes a part of the research paper. For example, while reading through the source material, students may find interesting variations that support the thesis or may add an interesting twist to it. It can be gathered through secondary research. However, they should strive to summarize the original data without making too much addition.

Important Steps To Simplify The Review Process

Analyze the collected data several times. In order to form a summary, students need a fresh approach the can generate new ideas important enough to enhance the information already gathered.
Write a review that helps readers understand the topic better. Take the research statement and work on it to make a summary of the topic. The various arguments to be framed can be analyzed and presented in a concise and simple manner. With this approach, a summary can cover the essential aspects focusing on the problem at hand.
Research paper citation is an important element as well. The review process can simply list out the research sources in the summary. Readers would have a better idea if certain sections of the summary needs to be explored further.
The analysis must contain detailed explanation of how the reference material supports the research statement. For example, a detailed view can be presented of an argument in a different way that simplifies understanding.
An essay question can be elaborated in a research paper, as it covers all the angles. However, maintaining the same clarity in a research paper literature review is sometimes difficult. To get a better idea of how to complete the process, students can approach ParamountEssays.com, a reliable academic writing content provider. Compiling a review is a simple process for its professional writers. More importantly, students can follow the process easily, which can then be applied to all their subsequent projects.

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