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Basic Research Paper Sections
Basic Research Paper Sections
Research paper sections are essential segments made to simplify the process of compiling a good research paper. Each segment when put into place will demonstrate the appropriate method to build the paper. It is essential that students use accepted norms and rules that govern academic writing. These rules have been established by fine tuning the process of compiling academic content to meet both offline and online research paper requirements. Some methods can be adapted to each segment by following up on directions in the curriculum. However, a practical level of writing has to be developed by students. This can be done by adapting to methods that help in tackling tricky areas in which writers need guidance.

How To Arrive At The Right Topic

Students must first identify the question related to a broad topic they have chosen. It is important to note that the research essay could be based on science, literature, or social sciences as per directions given by the guide. Once the question has been firmed up, a hypothesis is developed on it. Primary information is gathered on the question. The content is then organized within an outline in the order of importance. Students would have an inkling if they are on the right track by connecting the gathered information to the hypothesis. The exact topic can then by selected easily. Similar or same research paper steps can be repeated for any number of broad topics until approval is given by the research guide. With a little bit of practice, the process becomes easier.

Check List Of Important Segments On The Chosen Topic

Follow the prescribed style guide to format all the research paper sections accordingly. The different segments may vary as per the subject opted for. Here is a scientific research essay format that can be used for reference.
Title Page: The title has to be simple enough for readers to understand and should cover the subject matter. For example, a title such as “Cancelling Licenses Is The Most Successful Way Of Stopping Drunk Driving” would inform readers about the direction a topic would take. The title page would also contain the author’s name, guide’s name, course details, and date of submission.
Abstract: It is a short summary about the topic. Details about the different points covered can be included. Readers can choose to read segments that interest them.
Introduction: It contains the research statement based on the topic. Readers get an idea about why the topic was chosen and how the research question is to be answered.
Content and Methods: An important section that offers research information gathered to support the research statement. The methods listed should be clear enough to repeat.
Conclusion: In a science project, a conclusion is a short summary containing results including graphs and tables.
List Of References Made: The method used here would vary as per the style of writing chosn. The commonly used styles include APA and MLA. Research paper sections would be formatted as per publication requirements.

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