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Research Paper Format Title Page
Research Paper Format Title Page

Essential Ways To Set Up A Research Paper Format Title Page

How many times have we seen a research paper format title page being ignored? It has become customary to gather research content and find unique ways to present a research paper. It would be appreciated, if the title page were as interesting and presentable as well. A system has been established where most title pages are compiled using a specified style guide. Academic writing is all about following systems and methods. The title page provides a glimpse of whether a student has understood the system to be followed. Over a period of time, several formats have become standard and are widely used for academic research papers including the MLA, APA, and the Chicago style. Depending on the style being used in a school or college, students have to frame their title pages accordingly.

Some Basic Guidelines

The research paper format title page is what readers see first. Therefore, the title has to catch their attention immediately and effectively. Some methods that work include posing questions, introducing controversial statements about the topic, or simply drawing a targeted audience towards the topic with useful topic-related information. A research essay topic would interest students following the same subject. Students should strive to interest such an audience.

Very often, a second title may succeed in getting a message across to readers. The main title is short and to the point. However, a sub title can present a detailed view of the topic. Care should be taken to ensure they donít appear repetitive, though the keywords of the topic should be included in both.

Unless specified otherwise, different fonts can be used to highlight important content.

A title page should contain the following details.
A subtitle (optional).
The writerís name.
Course details including subject, degree, and date of submission.

The title page is exactly that. Except for the title, other details are routine and standard information. Check out several examples to ensure they appear professional. Professors or guides must be consulted to avoid mistakes. The title page design allows students to follow guidelines for the rest of the paper.

Some Basic Differences In Title Page Formats

Style guides provide complete details about formats and referencing that students need to understand before compiling a research essay. The title page paper would be compiled using the same style guide. There are some basic differences that need to be understood. Depending on the level of study, students may have to use several common styles. Some guidelines for both the MLA and APA styles have been listed below.

APA Style Title Page

A research paper outline APA format should include a page header containing the abbreviated tile and page number placed on the right-hand top corner.

The title and sub title (optional) must appear in the middle of the page.

The writerís full name appears next followed by name of your school.
MLA Style Title Page

The MLA style does not insist on a research paper format title page. However, it is logical to include it, as it helps in identifying a project. Students would have to produce a title page at some point in their academic career. So it helps knowing the format.

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