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Steps to a Good Research Paper
Steps to a Good Research Paper
Research Paper – Basic Guidelines

Steps in writing a good research paper

1. Choose a good writing topic: While writing a research paper the first step is in choosing a good topic to write on. There are available many research paper ideas. Choose from them the one that suits you the best. The topic that you choose to write on should be interesting to the reader and writer both. The topic should be such that there is enough research material available to work on. A vague, obscure topic would not be a good idea to work on, while a topic with too much of available material to work on, would also confuse the writer. A topic that is too broad, like the ill effects of pollution would have too much to write a paper on. While a topic that takes up the ill effects of pollution on wild ducks in a remote village of Siberia would have very little to work on. So always choose something that is more specific and direct, like the fast disappearing rain forests of Latin America. It would have plenty of information to work on, yet not too much so as to overwhelm the writer.

2.Explore the chosen topic very well. Read various books, journals, magazines and related scholarly articles . Look for data on the internet. The more you search, the more you learn on the theme and the better essay you write.

3.Keep a track of all your sources by making note cards where you write down the information needed, complete with author’s name, date of publication, publisher’s name and all the required data need for the essay reference.

4. There are five major parts in a research paper. These are the research paper cover page, research paper abstract, an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The Introduction will give the thesis statement and the aim and purpose of the research paper . A brief details as to what is to be discussed in the research paper needs to be given and the important terms defined or explained. Body – This is where the details of the research work is to be presented. All arguments in support of the writer’s stand is to be given along with supporting evidences and reference.
Conclusion – Reinstate the thesis statement and give a brief summary of the important points discussed.

5. Prepare a research paper layout first. This will help in the research work to explore in the right direction. A research paper outline is very important for the research work to proceed well and do justice to the chosen theme.

6. Prepare a rough draft of the paper complete with all citations and references. Follow the prescribed rules set for each citation format religiously.

7. Check the rough draft and change the research paper as required.

8. Once the final paper is ready, do a thorough proof reading and essay editing on it. This is essential to make the paper error free and thus create a good impression on the reader’s mind.

Follow the above given research paper tips and be sure to write an A quality paper. Browse through our various essay samples, however if you feel that do not have the time to do a good research work on the topic assigned then come to us at MasterPapers.com and ask any of the expert essay writers to write a research paper for you.

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