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An Outline of a Research Paper Layout
An Outline of a Research Paper Layout
Research Paper Layout – Guidelines

All research papers generally have a fixed format of five chapters with sections and sub sections in each chapter. Each of these sections are to be well developed so that the research paper is well formed and presentable. This research paper layout is more or less fixed and the readers will be looking out for the chapters and sections, so it is advisable to stick to this format unless specified otherwise by the instructor or research guide. Most research papers precede by a proposal presentation. A research proposal format also follows more or less the same pattern with sight variations. A proposal however must necessarily be written in the future tense. A research paper must follow the prescribed format strictly. There are different types of formatting and a researcher must know all of these to write a paper correctly.

A research paper should always be computer generated and printed on one side of the paper only. There should be a margin of one inch on all sides of the essay writing. A header carrying the page number should be inserted in all the pages. The entire article should be written with double spacing and the font should be in Times New Roman or Arial and font size should be 12 points. Each new paragraph should be indented five spaces before writing.

A research paper layout should comprise of the following parts:

1. Research paper cover page or title page

2. Table of contents

3. Research paper abstract

4. Chapter One – Research paper Introduction

a. A brief introduction

b. Problem statement

c. Purpose or aim of the undertaken research work

d. Importance of the research work

e. A thesis statement

5. Chapter 2

Background of the research

a. Review of literary articles

b. Definition of various terms and terminologies related to the topic

6. Chapter 3

Research paper methodology

7. Chapter 4

Results of the entire research work

8. Chapter 5


a. A summary of what research work was done and what was found out at the end

b. Explanation of what was found out in the entire research work

c. recommendations from the writer’s end on the basis of the deduced result

9. chapter 6

References or works cited or bibliography page

A research paper layout as given above, is more or less like that of a research paper outline. If kept in front while working on a paper it helps the researcher to stay on track and not lose direction. It also helps one to work logically and correctly. Research paper writing is not an easy job nor is it meant to be. The writer has to invest a lot of hard work and time while doing thesis work. Looking for facts and collecting information on the assigned topic is also another important aspect of this type of academic essay writing. The job does not end here. Once all the information has been collected one will have to analyse each information and keep only the relevant and important ones. Check out all our research paper examples and other essay samples and get an idea as to how a premium quality paper should look like. If you feel that writing a research paper is not exactly your cup of tea then place an order with us

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