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A List of Research Paper Topics to help You Get On
A List of Research Paper Topics to help You Get On
List of Research Paper Topics- Choose Something that Suits you Best

Research paper writing is a chapter in academic essay writing that is both demanding on the student and also time consuming. A lot of dedication is required on the writer’s part to research on the assigned topic and write well. It involves a lot of exploration to be done on the theme to collect the necessary information and then an analysis on the collected data so as to keep only the most important and pertinent ones. Writing a research paper starts with the choosing of the most appropriate topic from a given list of research paper topics. Once a writing topic has been fixed one will have to start the exploration on the theme. Here it is necessary for the student to know certain basic things like how to make research and what are the components of a research paper. These are important aspects that one should be well versed in, as these will help the researcher to stay on track and not lose direction in a maze of facts, data and information.

A research paper generally consist of a research paper cover page, an abstract, research paper introduction, the main body and a conclusion with a reference page at the end. The introduction will give brief insight into the topic and will form an appropriate thesis statement. The main body will discuss the topic in detail. research paper methodology is also an important part in the main body of the paper and one should know how to write it. Literature review is also another part of thesis paper writing. A student who is about to write a research paper should know them well before setting off to write one. Sometimes a research paper proprosal precedes a research paper and one should also know how to write it, to get the proposal passed or else the research may never come into being. All these aspects together go into a research paper writing.

Given below are a list of research paper topics:

1. Outsourcing and global finance networking

2. Global economic crisis

3. E-commerce and internet marketing

4. Retail business

6. Global population -where are we heading

7. Environmental pollution – effects and implications

8. Ecological balance and diversity

9. Obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder etc are all interesting topics to work on with a lot of available data on hand.

10. Various diseases like cancer, HIV- AIDS, deep vein thrombosis,hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis all are extremely interesting to work upon and have a lot of facts and data to present if the writer does a deep research in to the subjects.

11. Research Paper on how to combat stress while serving in the army. It will explore extensively on the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

12. Various theories of motivation and how they can be applied to daily life scenarios.

13. Controversial research topics include a paper on abortion, child labour essays, stem cell research paper, gay couple adoption and many more.

A list of research paper topics will be endless with so many subjects that one can choose from to write on. The writer has to choose a subject that he is interested in and feels for deeply, and only then can he write an A level paper on it. There are many sample essays that one can go through before staring to write. If you feel that writing a research paper is too much of an uphill task for you then just place an order

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