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Coming up with Research Ideas
Coming up with Research Ideas
It is unfortunate that some students perceive research as only a pre-requisite for their research papers. Many feel that they have to write good research or term papers in order to attain good academic grades. This is wrong, and they must note that research is a phenomenon used beyond academic circles. It may be used in society by various organizations depending on the area of interest, to supplement problem solving, decision making, optimal allocation of resources and coordination of organizational activities. Therefore, your research ideas will dwell much on what you intend to achieve, rather than whether your research is academic, social, cultural, economic or political.

Very many people may have good research topics; however, they may not be able to acquire good ideas for their research projects. You may think that it is a matter of technique, skill and experience, but I would like to assure you that there could be something more than that and quite simpler. Knowing where to fetch the ideas for your intended project, counts a lot for attaining the best ideas.

Sources of Research Ideas

You could know the technique of generating good ideas for research; however, it may not be easy for you if you do not know where to find them. Before your research paper writing, under a given subject, you can come up with a problem which you need to formulate and define. Then formulate a topic for your project. It is however very had to rightly achieve a problem statement and a research topic before coming up with research ideas. Therefore, you need to generate ideas for your research early enough and these can be obtained from;
1. The field situation: Practical problems occurring in the field can be a source of research ideas. There could be a situation where education policies fail. This could be attributed to the politiciansí interferences, incompetent consultancy bodies or inadequate funding. You may come up with an idea to study the correlation between the failure of education policies and the politiciansí interferences. This idea is said to have come from the existing problem in the society.
2. An existing considerable gap in investigation: Some researchers get ideas by reviewing literature and thinking of ways of extending or refining previous research. Research published by government bodies and other agencies act as a source of good research ideas for your proposals. Explore the sources as much as possible.
3. A desire for innovation: Many researchers come up with their original thoughts. They may think of ideas which have not been tackled before. Such ideas may be influenced by the researcherís background, culture, education and/or experiences. There is a lot of literature review required, since what you call your innovation could have been done already without your awareness.

Learning is a process which requires continuous reading, noting, practicing and researching. Therefore, I urge you to further your learning through essay help and looking for research paper samples for effective cross reference. Make thorough assessment of what you exactly want.

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