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Psychology Research Paper Topics – Very Stimulating to Write On
Psychology Research Paper Topics – Very Stimulating to Write On
Psychology Research Paper Topics – Basic Guidelines

Students doing their majors in psychology courses have to do a significant amount of essay writing during their tenure in college. This includes doing a lot of case studies, writing research papers, preparing essay papers on assigned topics, writing literature reviews and many similar other papers that are set by the instructor. So a psychology student through the course of his studies must acquire excellent essay writing skills to be able to write his assignments well and get good grades. Psychology is a vast and interesting subject and there are many topics that one can work and research on. Of course one does not always get the luxury of being able to choose his own psychology research paper topic and write on it. More often than not, it is the teacher who assigns the topic to the students on which they must work, irrespective of whether they like the topic or not. However psychology being quite a stimulating subject, any topic given should be appealing enough. Once the topic has been assigned, the writer needs to do some amount of exploration on the given theme. For this the writer should know how to make research and what are the components of a research paper to be able to write a paper successfully. Checking the research paper rubric is also important as this tells the student what course to follow and how to score well.

Some interesting psychology research paper topics are as given below.

1. OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder-symptoms, prevalence, typical onset
Describe biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, and cognitive theories regarding etiology
Describe 2-3 proven effective treatments.

2.What is Observational Learning and how does it compare to Classical and Operant conditioning? Do any of these learning styles help us in our daily lives (i.e.; parenting skills, problem solving skills, etc.)? What is your or what would be your parenting style?

3. Assistive and supportive technologies on mental retardation.

4. Mental health

5. Early Childhood: Mental Representation

6. Depression in the adolescent years

7. Behaviourism and various theories on the process of learning

8. An essay on the positive aspects and negative aspects of cross cultural society.

9. A paper on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)where the causes will be examined and and treatment discussed.

10. Paper on how to combat stress while serving in the army. It will explore extensively on the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

11. An essay on Attribution Theory that will explore the psychological reasons behind why humans as “why?”.

12. Theories of motivation.

These are some of the psychology research paper topics that one may have to write on. There are many more such topics that are available and one can browse through them online. Generally topics pertaining to psychology papers are very interesting to write on, as they explore the dark corners of human minds and try to find out what made them perform certain activities. There are many online essays and other sample essays on psychology papers that are easily available on the net. Check them out to get an idea and also one can keep them as essay outlines on which the essay to be written can be based. If you think writing an assigned psychology paper is not your forte then come to us

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