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MLA Format Research Paper – Go Through the Latest Updates in MLA Format
MLA Format Research Paper – Go Through the Latest Updates in MLA Format
MLA Format Research Paper – Basic Guidelines

MLA Format Research Paper or the Modern Language Association of America, is used in the United States, Canada, and other countries. This type of formatting is generally used in the arts and social science papers. The MLA format follows a certain fixed style of giving in-text citations within the essay and the Works Cited page at the end. The latest updates have been made very recently in 2009 and one can check them out at the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition).

General guidelines for writing a MLA research paper:

1. Use a 8.5×11 inch white paper for writing.

2. The essay should be computer generated and written only on one side

3. Fonts like Arial and Times new Roman and font size of 10-12 are only allowed.

4. A margin of one inch should be kept all around the essay written

5. There should be a header on all pages with the surname of the writer and page number flush on the right side in it. (however do follow whatever your instructor asks you to write in the header)

6.The first line of a paragraph should be indented a half inch (press TAB key five times or Space Bar five times) from the margin. The entire essay writing should be done in with double spacing.

There should not be title page to your MLA format research paper unless specifically asked by your instructor to write one. The first page should have the writer’s name , followed by the instructor’s name, the course name and then the date, all with double spacing and on the left hand upper corner of the page. Then the title of the essay will have to written aligned at the centre. Use Title case for writing the title and do not write the entire title in capital letters. Punctuation marks, underlining the title or using quotation marks in a title are not allowed in this formatting. There should be double spacing between the title and the first line of the paragraph. So the first page of a MLA format research paper should look like this:

Shaw 1(right hand corner of the page in the header)

Elizabeth Shaw

Professor Lena Fisher

English 705

18 November 2009

The Style of Shakespearean Sonnets(aligned at the centre of the page)

Shakespearean sonnets are…….. (beginning with five indented spaces)

In-text citations should give the author’s name and page number while the Works Cited page should be formatted as follows:

in case of book reference – Surname of the author followed by the first name.
Name of the book. Place of publication. Name of the publishing company. Date of publishing. Print

In case of net reference – site name. article heading or name. Date of publishing. Name of the affiliated university or organization. Web.
Date of when you visited the site.

In case of journal reference – Author. Name of the article. Name of the journal. Date of publishing. Pages referred. print.

MLA Format Research Paper is generally easy to write. A writer, once he goes the through the details of the formatting pattern, will understand it quite easily. Go through various essay samples and other research paper examples that are written in this format. This is help the essay writer to get a grasp of the MLA pattern even better. Even after doing all these things you still remain unsure as to how to write a paper in the MLA format then come to MasterPapers.com and take expert help at a most reasonable price.

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