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Apa Style Research Paper – Basic Guidelines
Apa Style Research Paper – Basic Guidelines
Apa Style Research Paper – Follow the Citation Format Religiously

An APA style research paper like any other research paper writing should be computer generated on a white paper of 8.5 inches x 11 inches and printed on only one side. There should be gap of one inch on all sides of the written essay and the format used is generally the Arial or the New Times Roman with a font size of 10-12. There should be header in each page containing the short title of the paper and page number written flush right of the header.

APA or American psychological association format is generally used for writing scientific research papers and business research papers and those that involve a lot of investigation and exploration in their work. The essay should consist of a research paper cover page or the title page, a research paper abstract, research paper introduction, a body and a conclusion.

The title page should have a running head and should be written in this manner.

Running head: The Title of the Paper.

The later pages of the essay should give only the in its header column. The title which should be preferably of 12 words length should be written in upper and lower case and should be positioned at the central upper part within the header. After this will come the writer’s name with no degrees or titles attached. Next will come the name of the university the researcher is affiliated to.

So the title page should look like this:

running head: page number

the title

name of the writer

name of the university

Abstract : This should give a summary of the entire research paper in no more than 120 – 200 words. It should have a header with the title and the page number. The word abstract should be centrally aligned and not written in bold or italics or within inverted commas.

The in-text citation should, for any direct quotation, contain the author’s name and date of publication. As for example:

Frances Karttunen (1999) tells us in his research paper “………” (Karttunen, 1999).

The reference page for this same citation should look like this.

Karttunen,F. Schroeder,S. Wood,S. and Haskett, R. (1999). Indian Women of Early Mexico.
Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 297-300.

In case of journals – last name of author, initials of the first name of the author (year).
name of the article. Name of the journal. Volume number. Pages.

In case of net reference – last name of author, initials of the first name of the author (year).
Name of the article. Name of the Online journal. Retrieved on date from
Full link of the site.

An APA style research paper is different from any research paper based only on the difference in the citation style. Before writing one should have a research paper outline in front so that he sticks to his theme and not lose direction in the maze of so much facts and information. One should also know how to make research to write the paper well. Check out our various sample essays and other research paper examples to get an idea of research writing. However if you lack time or confidence to complete your paper then

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