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A Research Paper Writing Process – Follow it and be smart
A Research Paper Writing Process – Follow it and be smart
Achieving a successful research paper depends on the researcher’s skills and ability to choose a subject, formulate a topic, focus on a meaningful thesis, thoroughly investigate the subject, analyze the information and report the results.

Research paper writing takes the following broad sequential procedures;
• Pre-writing: Decide on the subject and topic you are conversant with. Narrow down your topic to specific ideas. Consider your reader’s needs, interests and level of understanding of your subject. Gather the necessary information.
• Planning: Decide on the preliminary thesis to choose, structure and organization.
• Drafting: Write your ideas, discover and include new ones. Do not bother of paragraphing, sentences, grammar, spellings or punctuations.
• Revising: Emphasize the accuracy and relevancy of your content, ensuring proper structure and organization.
• Finishing: Cater for grammar, mechanics and proofreading to achieve a final copy.

Before research paper writing, ensure creative techniques to develop your ideas. However, always remember your formal style and format. You can further consult research paper help services.

Activities for a research paper writing
A research or term paper writing must be systematic and coherent. Following is a guiding outline.

Study your assignment
Understand what you are required of. Select the requirements and undertake the most suitable measures to formulate your topic, making it concrete and specific.

Plan your research strategy
Determine and make a list of the necessary research resources. Decide on the order for your research – from general to specific, etc. Balance between primary and secondary sources and between traditional and electronic sources.

Carry out your research
Gather information from the library, internet and the field, focusing on your topic; taking good notes and records. A number of methods can be undertaken while acquiring and recording information.

Formulate or revise your thesis
You need to have a thesis by now, but if you do not, decide on one. Your final thesis has to depend on your research, topic and audience. Make a revision of your thesis.

Develop your research paper outline
Sequentially list the components and subcomponents of your paper. These include the table of contents, introduction, body and conclusion, then references/citation, indices, etc.

Write your initial draft
Organize your resources according to your outline, and then start writing. Your draft may not be perfect on first writing, but avoid drafting if exhausted or when lacking sufficient knowledge. Make good use of your resources, when paraphrasing or making direct quotes.

Cross-check your research
Check for issues which may raise queries, doubts, and misconceptions; then ensure sufficient thesis support (a peer reviewer can be of help).

Revise your research paper
Once your draft is done, edit and polish it. To edit ensure accuracy, relevance, continuity and comprehensiveness of the content. Polish it by correcting grammatical errors, spellings, punctuation, mechanics and proofreading.

Documenting your resources
Be acquainted with when to document and the type of documentation you need. Citations must be formal.

Research paper writing takes various procedures depending on its type, level, use and needs. Studying research paper, term paper and essay samples will give you a better writing discretion.

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