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Stem Cell Research Paper – A Latest in the Field of Medical Research
Stem Cell Research Paper – A Latest in the Field of Medical Research
Stem Cell Research Paper – Basic Guidelines to Write the Paper

Study of stem cells and its potential to repair and cure damaged human tissues is the latest focus in the life science study stream. Much attention at present is being given to this topic so a stem cell research paper is quite becoming a common assignment amongst students doing higher medical or life science research studies. This paper deals with a highly specialised and a very complicated subject, and thus needs a complete understanding and a detailed study into the theme. First one must delve into the subject and learn what stem cells are, before proceeding to collect data and starting to write.This is also one of the most recent controversial research topics and so needs careful handling by the writer.

Stem cells are a group of undifferentiated, non performing cells that later transform into cells of the surrounding tissues. These stem cells have the capacity to repair many different types of human tissues. However there is one type of stem cell which has the potential of repairing almost any damaged tissue in the entire human body. This is the embryonic stem cell or simply referred to as the ESC, and it is here that the entire controversy surrounding the topic starts. This is because acquiring embryonic stem cells imply, killing the embryo that gives it. In other words, it means, that it becomes necessary to perform an abortion to get the embryonic stem cells. The controversy surrounding the topic abortion itself is so great that even politicians tread carefully here and try to sidestep discussion on this topic. A research work into stem cells raises the question as to whether a man’s life is more important, or whether one’s moral and ehtical values should be given a preference. The question also arises as to whether saving an existing life is worth terminating a future one.

Thus, we can see a stem cell research paper is not a very easy theme to deal with. It is however an extremely interesting topic to work on. In fact amongst all the latest scientific research topics, this and the various research works on nanotechnology, both show huge potential to produce path breaking and also life saving results. However to write a research paper on these topics are a little difficult too. A lot of research work has to be done on the themes and one will also have to know as to how to make research. While working on stem cells one will have to visit the various specialized clinics that deal with research in this line. Scientists and technicians have to interviewed and data collected. Books, journals, articles and medical magazines on relevant issues have to studied and analysed. Similarly visiting a religious person and taking his views on the subject will also show the other side of the discussion and balance the written paper.

Stem cell research paper is a challenging piece of assignment and one needs to go about it very carefully. Browse through as many sample papers, research paper examples and essay examples as possible, that deal with this subject. However even after a lot of exploration work, expert help may be required.

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