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An English Research Paper Tests Your Language Skills
An English Research Paper Tests Your Language Skills
English Research Paper Guidelines to Write One

An English research paper needless to say, is an important part of academic essay writing. Almost all students who study in this language, that is, if their mode of communication is in English, right from school level have written essays in this language. The basic English essays for the primary level will comprise of writing an essay on my best friend or my favourite book or my favourite animal and other similar topics. However as one moves from the primary level to the middle level and then onto the high school classes, the writing topics will change accordingly. In the higher classes the instructor will give him to write different kinds of essays on various literary topics studied in the class. He may be asked write a critical essay on some famous drama or novel, or an analytical essay on some poem or any other literary work. He can also be asked to compare and contrast between two works on the same theme by different authors. It could also be a comparative essay on two different works by the same author.

For an english research paper the favourite topics generally given consist of works by Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters and similar other famous literary names. An English essay is generally a test in how well one can write in this language. So naturally to get good grades in this paper one will necessarily have to have a very good command over this language. Special marks are given to see how well one can express his thoughts and feelings on a topic, in English. The Language must be smooth flowing allowing the reader to read without facing any hiccups. The essay must be written in simple and well organised manner. Too many difficult English terms that are not much in use, may put off the reader. So the writer should stick to a plain and simple but beautiful, way of expressing this thoughts on that subject. There are certain points one should keep in mind while writing an English research paper. These are:

1. Language should be simple and smooth flowing

2. Sentences should be kept short. Too long sentences may confuse the reader and may make him feel lost while trying to understand.

3. Try to avoid constructing sentences, with passive voice.

4. While writing the essay make sure the sentences are written logically and are well constructed.

5. See that the essay you are writing remains relevant to the main theme and does not become too long and meandering. Irrelevant issues in an article spoil the gravity of the work and has a negative impact on the

6. Grammatical mistakes, spelling errors are an absolute no-no in an English essay. Keep a dictionary at hand if you feel you may not know the meaning of certain words and terms. Double check your work after you finish writing to avoid mistakes of these kind.

7. Research your theme well before setting off to write the paper.

An English research paper is interesting to work on, provided you have an excellent command over the language. This is a mode where one can express oneself as eloquently as possible and also get marks for it. Check out various sample essays, essay helps, essay writing examples to get an idea how to write well in English. As one practices more, he gets better at that work. However if you feel that you need help and your English may not be up to the mark, then contact us at

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