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Research Methodology Format – Get it Right
Research Methodology Format – Get it Right
Research Methodology Format – A Basic Guide

Research paper writing is is one of the difficult aspects of academic essay writing as it involves a lot of hard work, a rigorous in depth research work on the chosen theme, concentration and dedication. All these parameters along with a correct essay format(MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) pattern combine together to form a good quality research paper. A thesis paper generally consists of a research paper cover page, research paper abstract, research paper introduction, a body and a conclusion. Research paper methodology is an important part of the main body. This is the portion that deals with the presentation of all the methods implemented to gather data and how the actual research work has been conducted by the writer. It shows the reader how the actual work was done and how much effort went into writing the essay and how in-depth the research work was. So it is essential that one knows the research methodology format correctly so as to produce a perfect paper.

Research methodology format consists of sections that include design sampling, data collection, methods of data collection and finally the analysis of the data collected and the correct interpretation of the analyzed data.

1.Design sampling is the process used for categorizing the samples available and can be either probability sampling or non probability sampling. There are various methods to do this and depends upon the writer’s choice or what the topic demands.

2.Next will be the collection of data and the methods used to collect them as for eg. data mining. Data can be gathered by direct observation or experiments and also through survey. Direct observation or experiments give data that is quantitative and can be used to prove the question or hypothesis in the paper involved. Survey can be done by conducting interviews, giving questionnaires and even through observation.

3.After collecting all the necessary data within the limits of a given time frame or financial budgets the researcher will have to sit and analyze all the facts and data collected and correctly interpret them. Analysis of data can be done by various methods like descriptive statistics, ANOVA or analysis of variance or even comparative methods like t-test or Z-tests for single or multiple populations.

4.The entire process will then have to written down in the correct sequence and in a logical manner and presented to the reader so that the reader gets the complete picture of what the researcher has done to get the desired results and arrive at a conclusion.

So writing a research paper following a correct research methodology format is not an easy task and outside help is often required and best be taken. One can of course browse through our various essay writing examples to get an idea how research papers are written. However, if one still is at a loss as to how to write the assigned paper, then instead of worrying his head off, he can just place an order at Essay-911.com and rest in peace.

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