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Abortion Research Paper – A Fight For Basic Human Rights
Abortion Research Paper – A Fight For Basic Human Rights
Abortion Research Paper – A Guide to Write on This Complex and Difficult Theme

Writing an abortion research paper is actually writing a sociology paper. This paper deals with one of the most controversial aspects of society with both sides breathing fire. It is actually a debate based on moral values and ethics on one side and practicality, level headed reasoning and common sense on the other side. Abortion is opposed by religious groups under the Catholic Church. As this is a very controversial topic the writing in the research paper should be very strong worded and imposing on the reader’s mind.

A writer who wishes to write on this topic must have a strong belief on his stand and also must have the courage to fight for it. He will have to feel very strongly on the issue and then only he can convince the reader by his reasonings and arguments.
There are many valid reasons for abortion to be made legal

1. It is ultimately the mother’s choice whether she would want to have the baby or not. There are many teenage pregnancies which deter young girls from pursuing their goals and ambition in life with the added responsibility of caring for a child. The mother if very young herself will not be in a position to take proper care of the child. Having a child is a lifelong responsibility and not something which the mother can put aside after giving birth. It is an attachment which is to be cherished and not become a burden. Pregnancy should be a joyful experience and not something to be hated or despised. As Pro-abortion members insist, pregnancy should be made a choice, not a social compulsion and abortion a right for the mother.

2. When a pregnancy is caused by rape or sexual abuse like we have seen in the recent infamous case where the father abused his own daughter resulting in many children. Women who experience abuse resulting in unwanted pregnancies should be given support by the government and society to get an abortion done. The victim shouldn’t be made to suffer doubly, once for the abuse and then again for the result of the abuse. However small the percentage of the number of rape or abused victims are of the total population, they simply cannot be disregarded and put aside. These unwanted pregnancies would only remind these women of the traumatic event, and they should be made free from the burden that were supposedly not theirs.

3. When the to-be mother’s life or health is at risk. This is the only argument accepted by all and sundry. When a mother’s life is in danger, abortion is the only option. For, a mother’s life is as valuable as the unborn child’s.

However there are many counter arguments too. The main ones as listed below are

1. The one major alternative suggested is to abstain from sex. If a woman has sex and does not use birth control methods, then the woman is to be blamed and she loses all rights to punish the unborn baby for her own thoughtless actions. This is mainly put forward by the pro-life group who are against abortions. Abortion is also against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

2. Abortion violates human rights. The unborn child who is helpless and cannot protect his own rights can only depend on his mother to care of him. Terminating a foetus violates the basic right to live.

3. If a woman does not want a child, after giving birth can always give it up for adoption to a woman or a family who are in desperate need of a baby. There are many couple who would love to have a child, but can not conceive due to biological or other reasons and the average waiting period for adoption is very high. Giving away an unwanted child for adoption will give another woman the joy of becoming a mother and the child will also get the much desired love and affection and the basic right to live.

Abortion research papers are very demanding to work on and they need a lot of research work to do. This custom term paper will also tackle legal, political, and social rights. Essay-911.com is always available to help those who want to work on this difficult topic, but are not being able to do so owing to the paper’s complex and difficult nature.

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