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Research Paper Abstract – The Conventional and Proper Way to Approach it
Research Paper Abstract – The Conventional and Proper Way to Approach it
Research Paper Abstract – Give a Summary of the Whole Work and not an Introduction

A research paper abstract is written to give an idea to the readers what the thesis paper is all about. It is actually a short summary of the thesis that is easily readable and understandable. This abstract will present the thesis statement to the reader and will also give information as to what the paper as a whole will cover without going into much details.

When writing the abstract, the writer will have to remember that though this is not an actual part of the main thesis, but it is similar to a research paper outline in many ways. The only difference being that the abstract is in the form of a paragraph, instead of being presented number wise like in a research outline. The most important thing to remember is that the abstract must be short and it should only give the summary of the research work. Abstracts are almost always of a certain, specified length and before starting with the writing ,one need to know this. Abstracts that are too long and exceed the maximum word limit are very often rejected because they cannot be used as databases for future referencing, to summarize conferences, presentations, thesis work etc.

An abstract consists of:

1.the main objective of the thesis along with the topic of the paper

2.a brief indication of the the methodology followed in the research work

3.the main findings or results of the research work

4.the main conclusions deduced from the findings

An abstract should necessarily contain all the main keywords of the research work so that it can be stored in databases for the future referencing by other researchers. An abstract generally has a limit of 120 to 200 words.

Though an abstract may sound similar to an introduction there are more differences between them than there are similarities. Main purpose of an introduction is to present a (from a general to a specific overview)context or background of the main thesis without going into too much details. It will consist of the research topic or problem and the methodology used to cover it. An introduction has to be short but does not have any word limit, unlike that of an abstract. An abstract will not introduce the research topic but will give a summary of the whole work along with the methodology, findings and conclusions though in a very brief form.

Care needs to be taken that the abstract should not be long or too detailed or there maybe problems while entering them on databases for future referencing. Unnecessary details should be left out as an abstract need not give a detailed account of the work and only the most important aspects should be discussed. The abstract should not be too short either, or else it will fail to summarize the whole work properly. It will consist of only the most important points of the whole research work which will fittingly give a summary of the paper to be presented. If all the points discussed above are kept in mind while writing a research paper abstract then it will give a conventional and correct look to the whole research work and thus prompting the reader to carry on and read the whole thesis paper.

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