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Persuasive Research Topics – You’ll Come, You’ll Argue And You’ll Conquer
Persuasive Research Topics – You’ll Come, You’ll Argue And You’ll Conquer
Persuasive Research Topics – Basic Guidelines To Convince The Reader

The most difficult thing in life is to persuade someone to follow or believe in one’s own view. And it is even more difficult to persuade someone whom you cannot see and whom your only source of interaction is via a piece of paper, a pen and some very strong words. The magic works only when you have a complete believe in your own opinion and your self. So, as can be seen writing on persuasive research topics is not a piece of cake. But, whoever said, life is a bed of roses? Trying to pass the exam with flying colors and getting the desired grade definitely acts like a thorn.

There are some essays which also try to convince the reader like the critical essay and analytical essay. However they are slightly different from a persuasive essay. A persuasive essay devotedly and whole heartedly aims to convince and persuade the reader. It will try to wipe away any sort of opposition and will focus only on crushing and brushing aside of any figment of doubt in the reader’s mind. The writer should have the ability to compel the reader to think alike and to put forward all arguments in a correct, logical and coherent manner which will bring out the core of the topic and the objective and put it in front of the reader like a beautifully done painting. So choosing persuasive research topics is not an easy job. The topic will have to be very close to the writer’s heart and he must feel very strongly about the whole issue. That is the main and almost the whole thing. If the writer himself does not feel for the issue and is himself not convinced about it then how will he go about persuading his readers. If the writer is out to sell a product and is in the line of marketing he needs to have that extra zing(or zest) and just go for the kill. He needs to convince his readers so well that they end up buying the products.

There are a great variety of topics the writer may choose from and something which interests him. To gather data on the topic one needs to do a lot of research work on that issue. Latest data will have to be collected and all available facts and figures to be organized. A topic once chosen will view one side of that issue and should be affirmative in nature. The point of view on the topic will have to be developed well with the help of evidences, arguments along with facts and figures. Generally persuasive research topics should be so chosen that they deal with contemporary issues that are relevant with every day life and can generate a hot debate or argument over the issue.
Some persuasive research topics which can help:

1.It is time to stop terrorism in the name of religion.

2.There should be no such thing as human rights for captured terrorists.

3.Euthanasia – there should be a right to die for terminally ill patients.

4.Abortion – the right for a mother.

5.Art should only entertain ; it should not be a vehicle for social change.

6.Prostitution should be legalized.

7.DNA cloning of humans should be banned.

8.Fashion world with their reed thin models is promoting Anorexia nervosa in teenagers.

9.Creative people are answerable only to their art and not to the society.

10.Morality is nothing but lack of courage and opportunity.

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