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Abortion Research Papers: The Controversial Aspects
Abortion Research Papers: The Controversial Aspects
Is Abortion ethically immoral?

The very concept of abortion or fetus-termination is considered highly controversial in this society. Many abortion research papers have been written and have sought critical eyes. Writing an essay on such a decisive topic can be very difficult and is definitely not an evening walk in the park. People have considered abortion unethical for centuries and it is not about to change their views about it.

What is abortion?

Before going ahead with writing an abortion research paper, it is important to know what is exactly meant by abortion. Abortion is termination of the pregnancy before the birth of the child, ensuing in the death of the fetus. Some people who are against abortion call it murder. Those people argue that the child loses its opportunity to live and no one has the right to deprive the child of its right.

The procedure of abortion

With the surge in modern medicine, abortions have become painless. Apart from the mental grief of giving up a child, the mother suffers little pain. Abortion can be done by surgical or chemical means. With the developments of the pills for abortion, it has become safer than what it was many years back. There are many abortion methods which are drug-based but it needs to be supervised by a physician. Abortion could end up being dangerous to life if some drugs are combined to expel the fetus from the uterus.

Ethics and Morals

While writing an abortion research paper it is mandatory to list out the pros and cons of the theory. While abortion is considered to be ethically immoral, there is a law which lets the mother have the freedom to decide. In some cases, when the motherís health and life is in danger, they are forced to go through with an abortion. The controversy here is that when the procedure is considered immoral, would they let the mother die in trying to give birth to a stillborn baby? Is that morally correct? That has been disputed for years and abortionists and anti-abortionists come up with new reasons to why abortion should be termed legal or illegal.

The unwanted child

When women are forced to carry a child without their consent, it results in an unwanted child. The life of an unwanted child could end up being not a life at all. The child could be sent to an orphanage or some other such place. The unwanted pregnancy could raise disputes between the couple. They might not be able to provide for the child if they are not in an economically good position. The child could end up being abandoned or despised. While carrying an unwanted child, the mother might reach a state of depression resulting in the early delivery and the child has many chances of becoming mentally challenged. The mother could try to terminate the pregnancy which could end up being fatal for both the mother and the child.


While there are many queries pertaining to the conclusion of an abortion research paper, the decision to terminate the pregnancy should solely be left to the mother as she is the preeminent judge and will only do what is best for her child.

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