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A Good Research Topic = A Sound Thesis
A Good Research Topic = A Sound Thesis
I’ve got tips for you, but we have to cover a lot of ground did you bring your rubber boots?

After getting your mind wrapped around a subject either assigned or of your choosing the worst thing you’ll face is staring at that blank page. It might seem like a lot of work researching your topic, being concise to your thoughts and arguments as well as forming your thesis statement, but it’s not like you were asked to translate hieroglyphics. A Good research topic will give you all you need to produce your thesis. First, write down all the important information that you have drawn from and remain precise with a mission to inform the reader. Begin your first draft while considering which points you want to emphasize. Already, you will develop original thoughts on the subject at hand and you will lean towards your own opinions, this is to be expected. While the road to developing you writing may be twisted and bumpy, your accomplishments will deliver personal satisfaction.

Every topic begins with a research idea. A little invested interest can produce a question/answer practice, but the importance relies on the order of words and the characteristics of the words used. A weak form of a word is formed when the word has no stress. Strong words are more impressionable especially when considering the most important sentences of any essay is the thesis. Not having a good thesis would be like writing a comic book without drawing the pictures. You’ll need to decide if you plan to use an active voice or a passive voice for that most important part. In “active voice,” the subject is doing the acting for example: “James hit the ball,” James (the subject) acts as connection to the ball. When a sentence is in “passive voice” the subject is acted on by the verb for example: “The ball was thrown by James.” the ball (the subject) receives the action of the verb. Not having the right voice could be just as tacky as wearing socks and sandals.

To recap:
A weak thesis is non-specific, it contains little to no argument-strength and it does not express a principal thought or remains concise to a main idea.
A strong thesis reflects the researched topic; main point of thought is concise with the principal and makes a courageous stand.


There are many similarities between the early invention of computers and technology today.
There are a few political and some cost-effective reasons for the French Revolution.

World revolutions and civil freedoms are co-contributors to today’s development of technological advances.
The most significant causes were economic although considerate deficiencies of experienced, proficient direction lead to the French revolution.

For Clarity, lets Break it Down:
Research topic thoroughly (may I suggest choosing an argumentative research topic?)
Reduce your assignment to a single question.
Work around that question building an informative paragraph.
Condense the information from your essay while remaining concise to your thoughts.
The end sentence or last two sentences to follow your argument form its thesis.
The answer to the question is its thesis statement.
A strong thesis expresses one main principal of thought.
A thesis statement makes a stand as specific as could be.

A thesis should accomplish three objectives:
By testing your principals of thought and compressing them successfully.
By facilitating and developing an organized argument and end result.
By providing the reader with a simple understanding of your argument.

It continues to remain important that you thoroughly researched the topic…made a bold, blunt and brave statement parallel to your opinion(s). Victory will be yours if you conveyed the argument in such a way that your reader was able to comprehend and relate to (the chance to agree or disagree) but most of all the opportunity to have thought it through. Typically, your thesis will achieve these objectives if you reflect the answer of the thesis in relation to the question your essay investigates. If you need additional information or assistance, the capable professional hands at Essay-911.com are waiting for you.

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