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Canadian health care
Canadian health care
All Canadian health insurance plans, both territorial and provincial, are thoroughly checked by Interprovincial Health Insurance Agreements Coordinating Committee (IHIACC) in order to exterminate some shortcoming of Canadian health care.

Health insurance plans are ought to not only aid patients in every province they ought to secure those residents are staying abroad as well. There is a possibility of landing immigrants or Canadians returning from other countries to receive a medical coverage in any of the provinces, while the waiting period must not exceed three month. In order to get full governmental funding, provinces must provide reasonable compensation to the physicians and dentists for all the insured health services which they conduct.

The Canadian federal government has divided health care services in two groups those which are free of charge and must be insured by the health coverage and those which are additional and thus require extra-billing. Hospital, physician and surgical-dental services are generally paid by the insurance program yet there many private clinics that provide additional nursing care, ambulance and optometric services. All diagnostic and radiological procedures, laboratory tests, drugs and anesthetic treatments are free. Necessary impatient and outpatient accommodations are provided free and no extra-billing is required.

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