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Switzerland is a republic governed under a constitution adopted on May 29, 1874, and amended many times since. The Swiss political system combines direct and indirect democracy with the principles of sovereignty of the people, separation of powers, and proportional representation. In federal elections, all citizens age 18 or older are eligible to vote; women gained suffrage in national elections in 1971 through a referendum. The electorate not only chooses its representatives but also decides important issues by means of referendums, an integral part of Swiss government. Constitutional amendments may be initiated by a petition of 50,000 voters and must be ratified by referendums. Federal legislation may also be made subject to referendums.

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The condition Huntington’s Disease got its name because it was

first described by George Huntington, a physician in New York, in 1872.

It use to be commonly known as Huntington’s Chorea - chorea being the

Greek word for dancing and describing the strange movements of the

sufferer. Most people now refer to it as Huntington’s Disease or HD for

short. The illness probably occurs all over the world, though it has not

been thoroughly researched in many places, particularly in

underdeveloped countries.

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Socialism aims at a social system based on public ownership of the means of production (Von Mises, 1969). Arising in the late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth Century, socialism developed as a reaction to the hardships caused by capitalism and industrial revolution. The government owns and operates all material resources in a social system. Socialism first originated in France and England at about the same time, but as it grew socialism took different courses throughout each country (Wells, 1912).

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Euthanasia (from the Greek meaning of "good death": (well or good), thanatos (death)) refers to the practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering. According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is "a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering.

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Abuse of OxyContin and Other Prescription Painkillers essay
The Drug enforcement Administration has targeted as a top priority the illegal use of the prescription painkiller OxyContin in the wake of what the agency says is a dramatic and dangerous increase in the drug's availability. Simply crushing the tablet can negate the controlled-release effect of the drug, enabling abusers to swallow or snort the drug for a powerful morphinelike high.

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Middle School Essay Topic
A middle school essay topic can help students learn how to deal with confusing situations that arise at a critical stage in their lives. They have to deal with extra studies, tests, essays, and feelings not experienced earlier. It can get overwhelming at times and focus on academics is essential for them to continue gathering valuable knowledge. Descriptive essay topics help them express their feelings about things happening around them.

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Personal Essay Format
A personal essay format is usually written as an introduction to essay writing or for definite reasons like college admission and job applications. At first, students learn to write about themselves through their experiences in school, home and among friends. They develop writing skills as they progress in school and are ready to write on different topics. To get into college, students would have to write an entrance exam which includes writing a personal essay as per specifications. This would be one of the most important essays written in their student career.

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Undergraduate Admission Essay – Your Route To Success
An undergraduate admission essay should be your key to getting admission to the undergraduate program of your choice. With so many schools and colleges worldwide offering you education, it sometimes becomes difficult to know what type of admission essay needs to be submitted for assessment. Each college or university has its own way of working and arriving at conclusions while selecting candidates. There is a common factor though. Most of them ask aspiring candidates to write an admission essay. You need to be aware of tips that can help you prepare for one of the most important essays you would be writing.

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Enjoy Writing Your Spanish Essay With These Simple Methods
A Spanish essay is just another language essay. As you have studied English, you apply the same principles when learning another language. In fact, the subject would be introduced to you in the latter part of you school life. So it should be easy to complete an assignment in Spanish if you follow the guidelines provided by your teacher. It is quite common to write essays when you learn a new language, and you would have to adapt to the requirements of the language. Here are some easy and tried methods you could use when writing a Spanish essay.

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Essay Ideas You Can Use
Essay ideas can crop up at any time. You have to use them to your advantage. It can be on varied subjects, and you would probably not be able to completely visualize its use when it occurs, especially when it is on a subject you are not familiar with. As you go on accumulating such ideas you would be in a position to use them to your advantage when you write essays. Here are some essay tips you can use when such ideas strike you.

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Overpopulation Essay
There are many issues today that pose a threat to our way of life. Overpopulation is a serious problem that will eventually have an extremely negative effect on our countries, and our planet. The problems that arise due to overpopulation could even prove to a fatal epidemic that will eventually wipeout the entire human race. Oftentimes this issue is overlooked due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject; or, simply because most of us are so blessed that we are not affected first hand by the problems it is causing this very second.

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Essay Styles
A student ought to know which essay style to use when writing an essay over and above possessing good writing skills. This is because essay writing is probably the most common task given to students irrespective of the courses they are taking. Through essays, students show understanding of a particular topics and the ability to write creatively and fluently. Students can be asked to write essays based on:

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Tips for Writing Spanish Essays
While learning a new language it is imperative for the students to write essays in that language. Essay writing help the students to learn the language better. Similarly if a student is learning Spanish, it is essential that he learns how to write Spanish essays.These form of assignments that ask a student to write essays in a new language help them to understand the language better and also helps to learn the various terminologies related to the language. This task may appear to be a little daunting, as writing in another language is always a little difficult.

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A Compare And Contrast Essay – To Compare Or to Contrast, That Is The Question
A compare and contrast essay is written to discuss either the similarities or the differences or both, between two chosen topics. The two topics chosen should have some sort of a relation between them. Like the topics chosen can be a comparison between two modes of transport, or maybe two actors, two literary works dealing with the same subject or maybe even comparison between two authors would do well, but it wouldn’t be advisable to compare between, say, Tom Cruise and the aeroplane.

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Essays on U.S. History: 3 Things that Can Lead to a Failing Paper
Essays on U.S. History: 3 Things that Can Lead to a Failing Paper
Even History aficionados find writing really good essays on U.S. history a bit challenging. Then, what about those who are not that good at History? Do they have absolutely no chances to write U.S. history essays that will be given an A?

Definitely, no! Please, forget all those myths you have ever heard about writing U.S. history essays. We also suggest you not to take U.S. history sample essays as a model for writing.

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Writing Scientific Reports: Helpful Prompts for Students
Have you had an experience of writing scientific reports? If you have not, you should be ready to start leaning the basics of report writing. But in case you have, you are aware of the hardships you should overcome to submit a brilliant piece of work. Like any other type of scientific papers, scientific report writing should be carried out in accordance with certain rules. In this regard, it is necessary to define the function and structure of scientific report writing.

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University of Washington Dissertations: General Requirements
Writing a dissertation is a hard work. Students who signed up for writing dissertations, should be ready for a research work, long hours in the library and unpredictable obstacles. In general, the common requirements to the dissertation works are the same. However, every educational establishment provides its students with certain rules to follow in order to complete good dissertations. If you are the student of the University of Washington, you should have a general understanding of how the University of Washington dissertation should look like.

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Ancient Rome Essays: Best Tips for Writing
If you are working on an essay on ancient Rome, we suppose there is no need to enumerate all the achievements of ancient Romans. Hope you have already done necessary research and have a lot of information.

What you have to do now is decide how to organize this information and write an excellent essay on ancient Rome. We can help you at this stage by providing necessary tips for writing Ancient Rome essays.

Ancient Rome essays: where to start off

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Essays on Iraq: So Many Things to Talk about!
What was your first thought when your teacher asked to write an essay on Iraq? Most probably, it was something like “Well, the topic of Iraq is too general and broad! What exactly should I discuss in my essay on Iraq?”

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The recent study has demonstrated that insomnia experienced by older adults is more common among people who have chronic disease and poor health, which means that it is not necessarily a direct consequence of aging. A history of insomnia significantly increases the risk for future major depression.

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