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Like many authors, writing a novel was always an aspiration. When I finally started the process, in Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace I had a great story that had evolved from real-life events. Still, the majority of my experience was writing nonfiction, a style that generally called for straight facts with less emphasis on descriptive elements. Exceptional fiction requires authentic details that pull the reader into the world in which the story takes place. I discovered th...

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1. Be Emotionally Compelling Your words must have power so people take action and buy. Don?t be dry, stuffy or boring. Rock their world. What you think is a little ?over the top? is probably just right. Show them empathy, caring and concern that makes them feel connected and helps them quickly suspend their rational disbelief. 2. Learn to Write Great Headlines This valuable skill is not to be taken lightly. You need to use numerous headlines in a sales letter. They need ...

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In a relationship between a man and woman, what separates love from infatuation is having had endured trials through time and the bond between the two individuals only being stronger for having done so. The narrator, in Mary Wroth s Pamphilia to Amphilanthus, 68, is indeed being tried, to say the least, by the burdens of her male lover. Wroth uses a variety of poetic devices and figurative language to illustrate the pain that plagues Pamphilia s heart, the turmoil that she faces as a lost lover, and her pendulum like movement toward tranquility.

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Essay Writing Guide
An essay writing guide is meant to provide guidance on why an essay is written. It should also offer information on the best ways to go about it. Students can prepare well for a topic with ready information. They are required to read the information, understand it, and then compile a unique essay using the information blended with their own thoughts on the topic.

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Bowling for Columbine essay
Over the last decade the issue of gun control was very controversial within media and was prolifically overviewed by politician. Constant tragedies that are taking place at our homes, work places and even schools brought attention of media concerning gun control violations which causes death of our citizens. The questions arise in my mind. What is the gun control? How this issue can be? What can happen if we forget about this issue?

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College Acceptance Essay
An effective college acceptance essay is absolutely vital in getting admission to a good college. The admission panel is formed to select students on the basis of essays submitted to the college or university. It offers them insight as to whether prospective candidates could complete the study program successfully or not.

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Montana 1948 Essay – An Analysis Of A Classic
A Montana 1948 essay is an analysis of the classic novel with the same name by Larry Watson. The novel is a gripping story of a young boy growing up in rural Montana just after World War II ends. Montana David Hayden, a 12-year-old boy and his family have to deal with news that his own uncle Frank committed crimes against young Indian girls while serving as a doctor at an Indian reservation. Davy’s father, Wesley, the sheriff of the town which includes the reservation, is in a dilemma as to how to tackle the situation.

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Custom Essays For Any Audience
Custom essays are always exciting to write. If you follow the norms of good essay writing, you can always write custom essays. It gives you the freedom of expression to write what you feel across any platform, on any topic. You just have to keep at it, and you would be in a position to write great essays. Always strive to write a compelling essay that speaks to all sorts of readers though the use of fluid writing skills and solid content that they could use.

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Confidence Building Measures To Write A Good Psychology Essay
A psychology essay would be usually written by a student specializing in the field of medicine. In some instances, you could be asked to write one to test your analytical skills and knowledge of psychological tendencies in a person. What sets this essay apart is the amount of knowledge you would have to gain before attempting it. Certain inherent qualities help in diagnosing and showing you an approach to a psychological problem. You would have to acquire knowledge suited to write authoritatively on the subject.

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A Day No Pigs Would Die Essay
“Somebody once told me that a cow won’t bite. That somebody is as wrong as a sin on Sunday” (pg. 8). This little incident is the event that really gets the story on a move. A Day No Pigs Would Die narrates Robert Peck’s adolescent life in rural Vermont during the nineteen twenties. A Day No Pigs Would Die is a true story, written in first person, through the eyes of a Robert Newton Peck. The mood of the this story is smooth and uneventful with a few spots of joy and sadness. Much of the mood is derived from the plain and natural setting of rural Vermont.

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1984 Essay
George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 is a perfect example of a futuristic totalitarian regime and a dystopia. Orwell’s tale expresses his vision of a government changing and becoming a totalitarian government. The government, in this story, is run by an unknown leader who goes by the title “Big Brother”. The concept of “Big Brother” is that someone is always watching, and people can never deceive the government. In Orwell’s idea of what may happen in the future, “Big Brother” monitors everything everyone does or even thinks.

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The Plague of Plagiarism
A quick google of the word plagiarism comes up with 28,900,000 links. And a quick browse through two pages worth of those links can make one think that the electronic age has brought about an epidemic of plagiarism.
What is Plagiarism?
Plagiarism is the act of copying another person’s words or thoughts, and pretending they are one’s own. Other definitions would include more ominous terms such as theft, piracy, fraud, treachery, felony…and rightfully so, because plagiarism is a serious offense. It is a crime punishable by law in most countries, especially in the United States.

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DBQ Essays
A DBQ essay or Document Based Essay question is typically an article that contains two pages. For hand written papers, they may include at least three pages worth of essay parts. In general, a DBQ essay must include six basic paragraphs. These are the introduction, four body paragraphs for discussion and the conclusion. Usually, teachers will provide a document to the students that in turn they will use for the dbq essay-writing plan. However, you can also use a document that you wish to become a reference for your essay if the teacher permits you. Writing a dbq essay is simple and is very similar to writing any other types of articles. The only difference is that you will treat essay documents as mere opinions rather than facts. Therefore, you can write an effective essay analysis of any documents that will come your way.

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An Example of an APA Outline paper
Writing an academic essay in the APA format means, writing the paper in the style developed and adopted by the American Psychological Association. This formatting is used mainly in scientific and technology related research papers. The basic difference in an APA paper with the other essay formats like the MLA / Harvard or the Chicago, lies in the pattern of in-text citation and referencing pattern. Given below is an example of an essay in an APA outline.

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Sample Essay- An Outline For Your Essay
Writing an essay is a way of expressing oneself. What better way to write on a topic of your choice and reach to out to so many people by expressing your feelings on that subject? To help one in this endeavor there are many helps available. For guidance one may take help from sample essays, essay banks and other example essays where one can read the various pre-written essays. These sample essays can be used as outlines on which the writer can base his article. However there are certain components of essay writing that a writer must be aware of. These are

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Essays about Love: a Topic that Can Easily Get You Bogged Down
Essays about Love: a Topic that Can Easily Get You Bogged Down
Love is one of the most complicated topics to cover. Even if you have to prepare a short one-page essay about love, it might take you several hours or probably days to prepare it, and nobody can guarantee a positive result.

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ESL Essays: “American” Principles of Essay Writing
ESL Essays: “American” Principles of Essay Writing
You are taking ESL classes to learn English and then, probably, study in some American college. Well, this is great! Do you know what main thing you should learn? It is writing papers just like people in North America do.

In other words, you have to practice a lot, write ESL essays, look through and analyze ESL essay samples to get used to the writing style and other peculiarities of American writing.

In this article, we highlight the main writing principles used in American schools. You should follow all of them when writing essays for ESL.

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Essays on Literacy: What Specific Issues Are You Going to Discuss?
For many of us it may sound like something incredible that in the modern highly developed world there are some people who cannot read or write. Meanwhile, it is really so, and it is estimated that approximately 1 billion people around the world are illiterate.

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Essays on Theories: Exploring Theoretical Aspects of our World
If you think that theories exist only within some sciences, you are not exactly right. Basically, the world we live in is full of theories, it consists of theories that explain almost any phenomenon and event.

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Critical Incident Essays: A Simple Plan for You
If you face the assignment to write a critical incident essay for the first time, you might be seriously puzzled. This especially refers to those students who did not get instructions from their tutors or were not attentive enough.

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