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In an editorial several years ago, I described a tree house in the backyard of a local restaurant. I wrote, "The entire structure has been pieced together from recycled lumber, much of which still bears the paint, logos or posters of the original walls from whence it came. The generous platform is ringed by a sturdy fence that includes branches of the tree itself, random two-by-fours, wooden signs, and even a pair of moose antlers. The 'house' is more of a lean-to, tall enoug...

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My Family Communication is a fundamental aspect of everyday life between family members. If you compare a close-knit family to a broken family, you will see that the major differencebetween the two lies in communication: the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information. Being a daughter of immigrant parents, I have found that communicating with my parents isdifficult due to language and culture barriers. When my parents were children, they grew up in families that consisted of paternalgrandparents, parents, and siblings. They were ranked in the middle class family. Everyone inour family was happy living in a regular small house.

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A million ways to describe beauty, causes contraversy. Everyone has there own opinion and no one is wrong. But beauty to me is a word that means more than one thing. Beauty is not only skin deep, to me it’s the world and all it has to offer. It’s the emotions, pain, struggle, courage, happiness, sadness, but most importantly the good that comes out of them.

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Dedication is defined as “a devoting or setting aside for a particular purpose.” This definition explains how dedication can be related to devotion. When one dedicates themselves to a cause or event, they are putting time towards it. Tae Kwon Do has established a new found dedication in my life. I have a good job and great family that provides both independence and responsibility, but something was still missing.

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Endurance by Alfred Lancing was the greatest survival story that I have ever read. As I was reading this book many things appealed to me, like all of the amazing stories and adventures they had. I for one would never want to go through with that. All those things were very interesting to me, but the thing that made this book so great in the end was that no one died on the expedition. They were able to overcome their trials and that is why they progressed and made it through.

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Expressing Love Through A Love Essay
A love essay has a lot to offer readers in terms of emotion, mystery, and the limits crossed over for expressing love. Love is a beautiful feeling that has no language or cultural barriers. Expressing love comes naturally to people, and those bereft of this feeling are the unfortunate few ones that would feel empty from within. Life is short and love is a tonic that keeps us in touch with our loved ones, friends, society, and even those who hate us. It is too powerful an emotion to express in just one line.

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Money at Work: Some Random Thoughts
Is money an effective motivator at work? It is said that for a living food , shelter and clothes are needed. This is very true and for getting all this , money is need. At this point of time , money is required as much as oxygen for survival. Money is a great motivator at work. Disregarding the fact that money changes a person’s character , money has become a part of our life. With money mostly all the things can be bought for enjoying life. At work , the money can be good motivator. We should not forget the reality that we all work for getting more and more money. Money can help an employee do the best out of him. For praising an employee , bonus can be given by the employer as a reward.

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Categoty: Descriptive Essay
Fast Foods
Fast Foods: Are They Safe and Nutritious?
They are mushrooming everywhere: in the makeshift trolleys outside the high rise buildings at Nariman Point in Mumbai, at the concentric circles that is Connaught Place in Delhi, or even at the stalls coupling the schools and colleges, the supermarkets and cinema houses in Chennai; these fast food joints to have come to rule as our favourite places to eat.

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Science Essay
The task in science essay is to investigate the world of nature. You investigations should always be built on observable, verifiable information, known as empirical evidence. When you are writing a science essay, often begin with questions like these:
• What kinds of things are there in the world of nature?
• What are these things composed of, and how does this makeup affect their behavior or operation?

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Essay Examples
It is very important for a person to first use an essay example before doing his own school requirement. Basically, these files can teach him how to efficiently do the paragraph structuring as well as how to make the discussion coherent. Now, where can you get an essay example for most essay topics being required today?

There are so many types of subjects that can be written in essay form. Moreover, the goal of the writer should also be evident in his task so that he knows where to look for sample files to use as references. In most history research paper topics, you may find some documents related to civilizations, world conflicts or special history characters.

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College Application Essay Prompts
College application essay prompts can be the big help materials for you. If you are currently looking for the best info on how to write various types of essays for your admission evaluation, then you have found the right place.

Essay papers need not be a difficult thing to write.

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Scholarship Essay Questions
If you are going to apply for a scholarship grant, chances are you will be required to write a form of essay that will let your evaluators see whether your qualifications are fit for the program. Now, if something is not really clear about the process, we will give you some insights on what possible scholarship essay questions may be asked of you to respond to.

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Smoking Essay – One Social Cause that Cannot be Allowed to go up in Smoke
‘Quit smoking’. How many times have you heard this piece of advise? And how many times have you bothered to actually listen to the reasons behind the slogan ‘quit smoking’? So it is high time one knows the logic behind that reasoning, as to why one should not smoke. And what better way to learn about this than to write an essay about this very topic. One learns as he reads and writes on the subject and he becomes more aware about the ill effects of this habit. It is for this very reason, that is, to create awareness, that students are asked to write a smoking essay.

Download Smoking Essay – One Social Cause that Cannot be Allowed to go up in Smoke
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History Research Paper Topics are Many and Varied, so Choose Something that Interests you the Most
In research paper writing or for any form academic essay writing a thesis paper on history generally demands a detailed discussion on the theme or topic chosen. It has to be very precise with dates and happenings. Data and facts given have to be accurate and a lot of detailed examination and research will have to go into the topic.history much like lifesciences, show the path of human civilization and hence traces the process of evolution, however in its own style and with its own range of evidences. History, in spite of the general impression of being boring and tedious, is actually a very interesting subject and if one is really interested in it can come up with some pretty exciting papers.

Download History Research Paper Topics are Many and Varied, so Choose Something that Interests you the Most
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Good Persuasive Essay Topics
Before you can write a persuasive essay, you need to first have good persuasive essay topics. This is a no-brainer because you need an initial subject before you can discuss anything. Therefore, our main topic for today is about choosing a topic that will best reflect your persuasive essay writing. Let us begin with the factors that you must realize.

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Essays on Literacy: How to Develop your Paper
Essays on Literacy: How to Develop your Paper
We are sure you have own opinion about literacy and its importance. You realize that without literacy:
- personal development stops;
- it is impossible to find a good job and live a normal life;
- it is impossible to communicate with other educated and literate people.

Download Essays on Literacy: How to Develop your Paper
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TOEFL Test Essays: How to Get the Highest Score
TOEFL Test Essays: How to Get the Highest Score
Any part of the TOEFL test – no matter whether it is a writing, reading, or speaking section – is important for the final score you get on the test. However, writing TOEFL test essays is what the great majority of students are afraid of.

By the way, fear or panic is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Taking this test requires confidence and not a single doubt about your skills and abilities.

Download TOEFL Test Essays: How to Get the Highest Score
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Writing Powerful Essays on Plants
Writing Powerful Essays on Plants
Are you studying Botany? Do you have to write an essay on plants? Then, a couple of facts about plants from the Guinness World Records will be rather interesting and useful if you want to write an informative plants essay:
The most ancient plants on the Earth are marine algae. They are about 1 billion years old.
There is a “laughter flower” plant in South-Western Asia. Its seed can make you laugh without any reason. The laughter

lasts for about half an hour, and then a person falls asleep.

The plants presented above can become the topic of your essay on plants. So, if you are interested in learning more about these particular plants, devote your plants essay to them.

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High-Powered Tips for Selecting Dissertation Topics
Dissertation writing is an amazing world of libraries, books, and journal articles. Unforgettable meetings with an advisor when a half of your work is disapproved and you have to write the same chapter for the third time. Finally, slight nervousness before the defense of your project and rejoicing after everything is over.

Download High-Powered Tips for Selecting Dissertation Topics
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